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Writing Studio Mission

The Writing Studio offers students one-to-one and group feedback on their writing and presentations. Writing Consultants work collaboratively with students during the writing process to help:

  • develop, focus, and execute ideas,
  • understand expectations and communicate for different purposes,
  • discover and build upon strategies for effective communication in local, global, and digital contexts.

In addition, the Writing Studio collaborates with faculty to provide students with quality writing experiences across the curriculum. The Writing Studio Directors offer faculty support in developing assignments, facilitating workshops, responding to writing, cross-cultural communication, writing for the web, and their own manuscript preparation.

Writing Studio Code of Ethics 

At the Writing Studio, we believe that an effective, ethical one-to-one teaching and learning environment must operate with the following principles:

  • Tutoring sessions should be safe learning opportunities that allow for risk-taking and intellectual growth outside of the classroom.

  • Writing Studio Consultants collaborate with student writers to enhance the learning process and contribute to students' developing writing abilities.

  • Tutoring sessions are completely confidential. Student records will not be shared with anyone without the express consent of the student writer.

  • Writing Studio Consultants do not sign student papers to confirm a visit nor do they guarantee grades.

  • Writing Studio Consultants encourage students to communicate with faculty, to ask questions, and to develop student skills such as active listening, note-taking, and class participation.

  • The Writing Studio seeks to build teaching and learning partnerships with faculty that focus on enhancing student learning over time.

  • Faculty should engage student writers by encouraging, not requiring, them to consider incorporating the Writing Studio into their writing process.

  • Faculty should have reasonable expectations about errors in student writing, taking into account that language learning takes time and practice.

  • All work at the Writing Studio is in progress. Student writers are ultimately responsible for making decisions about the next step in that process.

Please contact the Director of the Writing Studio with questions, comments, concerns, or to see how the Writing Studio can work with you.