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The Summer Institute at FIT

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The Summer Institute has been discontinued.


The Summer Institute at FIT: Sustainability & Textiles is a four-day series of lectures, discussions, panels, and hands-on workshops focusing on sustainability and technology in fashion and textiles. Now held biennially, this interdisciplinary program is designed for industry professionals as well as academics wishing to broaden their understanding of sustainability and how to support its integration into the industry. The institute is important for designers, technologists, educators, and those involved in the development or production of fashion and textiles, as well as those seeking greater business and professional knowledge.

The presenters are thought leaders in the field who provide current information, hands-on experiences, and fresh perspectives. Sessions have a broad-based focus on sustainability and the business of fashion from corporate, SME (small- and medium-size enterprises), and educational viewpoints, giving participants from all areas of the fashion and textile industry an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and expand their outlook. A diverse range of offerings lets participants choose workshops suited to their own interests. They will leave with a new understanding of sustainable fashion—a vibrant industry that stands at the intersection of design, technology, and commerce.