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Monday, June 16

8:30-9:10 am Meet & Greet Breakfast  
9:15-10:15 am World Fiber Consumption  
Jeffrey Silberman 
An unbiased primer on the relative market share of major fibers, both natural and manufactured, and the factors that influence price and competitive advantage, including future price and availability projections. An interactive question and answer session is included.
10:30 am-Noon  Life Cycle Assessment: Unlocking the Mystery
Debera Johnson, Center for Sustainable Design Strategies  
This interactive workshop introduces the concept of measuring the environmental impact of products through the use of Life Cycle Assessment. The process and tools for completing an LCA will be introduced and a case study of a product will be analyzed. Students will create a basic Life Cycle Assessment from an existing product and consider strategies to reduce its environmental impact.
1:00-4:00 pm Elective Sessions (choose one) 

Color Lab
Ajoy K. Sarkar 
This laboratory will provide an overview of dye classification and dyeing processes, including stock, yarn, piece, and garment dyeing. Hands-on demonstration of visual and instrumental color formulation, measurement, and color fastness will be provided. Current trends toward sustainable coloration methods will be discussed.

Digital Design and Production Lab
Karen Gentile 
This session provides an overview of technological innovation and sustainability in textile design and production, including digital printing, laser cutting, and 3-D printing. The impact of digital production on the industry is examined. Participants create a printable design using Adobe Photoshop; prior knowledge of the software is an advantage. The digital production process will be observed firsthand at FIT's PrintFX lab and participants will get samples of their design on fabric.
6:30-8:30 pm  Evening Mixer w/Refreshments at the Textile Arts Center
The Textile Arts Center aspires to unify and empower the textile community and advocate for the handmade.

Tuesday, June 17

9:15-10:15 am   Alternative Fabrics and Fibers
Sass Brown 
This visual lecture provides an overview of the broad range of textiles that fall under the heading of sustainable fibers and fabrics, from artisanal to experimental. Surveying the artists and designers behind the textiles and the development process, this session is designed to inspire and inform. Material innovations covered include catalytic and fermented fabrics as well as contemporized and updated ancient techniques such as nuno felting.
10.30-Noon Panel: Sustainable Fibers in the Textile Supply Chain
Moderator: Jeffrey Silberman
Panelists: Tricia Carey, Senior Merchandising Manager, Lenzing Fibers; Kater Hake, Cotton Inc.; Jean Hegedus, Global Director, Invista Denim; Mark Messura, Cotton, Inc. 
The panelists discuss how their organizations are approaching sustainability in the supply chain, from point of origin to retail. Spinning, fabric formation, wet processing, manufacturing, and retail positioning and communication strategy are covered.
1:00-4:00 pm Elective Sessions (choose one) 
   Quality Assurance: Consistency and Control Lab
Sean Cormier 
This hands-on lab covers quality management across the global supply chain. Participants examine the technical specifications of various products found in the marketplace, and are introduced to tests that measure durability, fastness, strength, and other qualities. Moisture management, UV protection, anti-microbial characteristics, hazardous substances such as lead and formaldehyde, water resistance, and laser finishing are discussed.
    Zero-Waste Lab
Timo Rissanen, PhD 
This laboratory presents the concept and practice of zero-waste cutting. A wide variety of zero-waste cutting and design techniques are discussed. A demonstration provides a hands-on example of how to design specifically for zero-waste cutting, rather than being restricted by it. This system challenges the traditional concept of design by requiring pattern cutting to be foremost in mind when designing, as opposed to simply being the means to achieving an effect.

Wednesday, June 18

9:15-10:15 am   Eco Fashion Design Overview
Sass Brown 
The broad and largely undefined term eco fashion encompasses a myriad of different processes, concepts, and materials. This lecture breaks eco fashion down into distinct categories, and reviews the designers doing groundbreaking work in each of them. These designers span the globe, showcasing work ranging from commercial fashion to art-to-wear.
10:30 am-Noon Panel: Conscious Consumerism
Moderator: Patricia Mears
Panelists: Janice Sullivan, CEO, EDUN Americas; Julie Gilhart, Consultant; representatives from Toms Shoes 
The panelists, whose companies are based in cause-related marketing, discuss their business models, including buy-one give-one, donation from sales, and developmental aid. The conversation will include the benefits and challenges that each model represents in sourcing and production.
1:00-4:00 pm Elective Sessions (choose one) 
    Fabric Formation Knits Lab
Ann Denton 
This hands-on lab covering weft knitting technology will review the various types of knit fabrications and the technology used to create them. Emphasis is on the aesthetic, performance, and cost implications of each type of construction, including factors such as yarn consumption, drape, porosity, production rate, shape retention, and stretch. Participants will also discuss various types of knitted garments, including cut and sew, fully fashioned, and seamless knitting.
    Deconstruct Reconstruct Lab
Karina Kallio
A brief overview of designers working with pre- and post-consumer textile and garment waste will be presented, followed by a hands-on demonstration. The lab includes how to work with diverse materials, making a color and textural whole from varied sources, and how to deconstruct and reimagine damaged clothing into new designs.
6:00-8:00 pm Himalyan Happy Hour at the Rubin Museum of Art

Thursday, June 19

9:15-10:15 am    Material Innovations: Site Visit
Nomi Kleinman 
This session includes a site visit to Material Connexions, a global consultancy and leading library of sustainable and innovative materials. A presentation of cutting-edge fiber and textile innovations, featuring groundbreaking processes and advanced materials for the fashion and interior markets, will be given. There will be open time to explore the library.
10:45-Noon  3D Design
Francis Bitonti 
This session focuses on the use of 3D printing for the luxury fashion industry. We will explore shifts in design methodology, as well as the evolving role of the craftsman in the production of luxury goods. The disruptive potential of this technology will be addressed, along with topics beyond the scope of fabrication and design. Examination of material innovation will be discussed, as well as evolving business models for the industry.
 1:00-4:00 pm Elective Sessions (choose one)  
   Screen Printing Lab 
Catherine LeCleire
In this hands-on session, participants are introduced to the creative and technical fundamentals of screen-printing. A basic overview of inks, equipment, and tools will be provided. Participants create their own prints on fabric provided or on their own materials, such as garments or accessories.
    Understanding Jacquard Design: Lab
Nomi Kleinman
In this hands-on workshop participants are introduced to the fundamentals of jacquard design. Using proprietary weave design software, participants will go through the process of creating a jacquard fabric from design to weave input. Simulated fabric and color ways will be created on the computer. Participants will learn terminology and analyze fabric swatches to further their understanding of complex fabric construction. A swatch book of common jacquard fabrics will be reviewed. Some weaving experience is helpful but not required.