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Winter Study Abroad


Winter 2019 FIT Courses

IN 492 International Trade Practicum

Location: Hong Kong & Taipei
Professor: Lawrence Delson
Estimated Dates: January 2-22
Credits: 3
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IT 122 Italian Conversation I

Location: Florence
Professor: Andrea Casson
Estimated Dates: January 2-22
Credits: 3
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PK 361 Packaging Design: Global Perspectives

Location: London & Amsterdam
Professor: Marianne Klimchuk
Estimated Dates: January 2-18
Credits: 3
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SP 122 Spanish Conversation I

Location: Mexico City
Professor: Madeline Millan
Estimated Dates: January 3-20
Credits: 3
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TD 203 Textile Arts in India

Location: India
Professor: Susanne Goetz
Estimated Dates: January 2-22
Credits: 2
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TD 205 Textile Design in the Andes

Location: Chile
Professor: Eric Ramirez 
Estimated Dates: January 3-23
Credits: 2
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OTHER WINTER 2019 Opportunities

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