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Liberal Arts in Florence

FIT in Florence | Liberal Arts


Program Description
A semester of Liberal Arts in Florence, Italy will enable students to focus on major area courses upon returning to NY. Students may participate in their 4th semester (spring only).

1-Dec: Spring


  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Completion of one semester of Italian
  • Be qualified to obtain a study visa for Italy
  • Eligible students must obtain academic advisement and approval from their department Chairperson/Advisor and/or Dean of Liberal Arts. 

Course Information

EN 245: Intercultural Communication
HA 212: Renaissance Art
HA 344: History of Western Costume
IT 112: Italian II
IT 213: Italian III
IT 122: Italian Conversation
SS 151: Intro to World Affairs
SS 242: Microeconomics 

Budget Information

FIT in Florence Financial Budget Sheet
Academic Calendar

Spring 2016

Sunday Jan 10 - new students arrive
Monday Jan 11 Mandatory orientation ( week)
Monday Jan 18 1st day of classes
May 11 - last day of spring semester



Arrangements are made for students to stay for one week at the Youth Hostel Firenze 2000. During this time, students will receive orientation, apply for the Permesso di Soggiorno (Permission of Stay), look for permanent housing and choose their roommates.

Temporary Accommodation will be reserved through OIP at the Youth Hostel Firenze.
Youth Hostel Firenze 2000
Viale Raffaello Sanzio, 16
Firenze 50124 Italia


Field Trips


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