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Student Club Directory

Club and Organization Members Eligibility

Eligibility to be a member of a FIT club or organization is restricted to current degree-seeking FIT Students. Individual clubs or organizations may have additional requirements for membership. However, FIT clubs and organizations must adhere to FIT's non-discrimination policy.

FIT Anti-Discrimination Statement: FIT is committed to prohibiting discrimination in its programs, activities, and employment, whether based on race, color, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, religion, ethnic background, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, military service status, genetic information, pregnancy, familial status, citizenship status (except as required to comply with law), or any other criterion prohibited by law. Inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policy may be directed to the Affirmative Action Officer/Title IX Coordinator, 212 217.3360, [email protected]

Check out our student-run clubs and organizations below!

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Accessories Design Club
American Association of Textile Chemists & Colorists (AATCC)
American Marketing Association (AMA)
American Sign Language Club (ASN)
Anime Club & Sci-Fi
Archery at FIT
Art Collective
Asian Student Network (ASN)
Black Retail Action Group (BRAG)
Black Student Union (BSU)
Blush Magazine
Chabad - Jewish Life at FIT
Champion Your Achievements
Chinese Student Social
Christian Fellowship
College Democrats at FIT
Collegiate DECA
Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing Association (CMFA)
Drawing New York
Ethics & Sustainablity Club
Fashion Art & Design Club
Film Club
FIT Model United Nations
FIT Outreach
FIT Student Government Association
Geek & Culture Club
Gospel Choir
Half the Sky
Home Products
IN.dustry Club
Indian Cultural Society
Interior Design
International Trade Student Association (ITSA)
International Fashion & Culture Association (IFCA)
Korean Campus Crusade for Christ (KCCC)
Korean Student Organization
LGBTQ Students United
Menswear Club
Merchandising Society
Muslim Student Union
National Retail Federation Student Association (NRFSA)
Production Management
Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)
Residence Hall Association (RHA)
Students Excelling Lifestyle Fundamentals (SELF)
Student Council
Taiwanese Student Association
Tasty Disasters
Textile and Surface Design
Theater Club
Urban Studio
Vietnamese Student Association
W27 (Newspaper)
WFIT (Broadcasting) 


[email protected]   
The mission of the Accessories Design Club is to create a network between all students who are interested in the accessories industry. Within this network, the Accessories Design Club will communicate all relative information to further the knowledge and experience of the students in preparation for all future endeavors. Seminars, field trips, and guest speakers are among methods of communication through this creative hub to relay experiences about the pursuit of and life within the industry. 

[email protected]  
To help students develop valuable leadership skills through active participation in creative workshops and exhibitions in the advertising and design industry.

[email protected]   
At FIT, the AATCC club's main interest is to gain knowledge and exposure to the many different textile applications. Textiles are not just the jeans you have on, or the sweater you are wearing to school tomorrow; it's your chair seat upholstery, an umbrella, a lamp shade, auto interiors, athletic sport jerseys, your carpet, even the mattress you sleep on! Textiles are everywhere!  The AATCC club at FIT explores textiles, from fiber to finish, through field trips, internships, guest speakers, and club meetings. The AATCC club is open to anyone who wants to learn more about anything textile related!

[email protected] 
As the official collegiate chapter of the national American Marketing Association we use the opportunities that the AMA offers to colleges like case study competitions and events - all revolving around marketing. Besides that, we establish valuable relationships ourselves, so as to gain hands-on experience in marketing: on-campus we cooperate with other clubs to help promote and market events, for instance; and off-campus we collaborate with businesses, often start-up companies that are glad for marketing support by our club. For more information just stop by one of our meetings!

[email protected] 
The ASL club is for FIT students with no prior ASL experience to students with ASL fluency. Our mission with the ASL club is to increase awareness ASL with acceptance and respect for the Deaf community. Our goals: develop and enhance ASL skills.

[email protected]The Anime and Sci-Fi Club (ASC) aims to create a safe space for FIT students who love Japanese animation or sci-fi as a whole. We aim to create, share, and network opportunities and experiences related to anime and sci-fi and wish to build on the community that goes along with these subcultures.

[email protected] 
Archery is defined as the sport or skill of shooting with a bow and arrows, esp. at a target. This club will explore aspects and practice methods required to shoot archery on a competitive level. Practice sessions will use bows and arrows to practice Olympic style of archery as well as welcome the use of other styles and techniques. 

[email protected]   
The Art Collective is a vibrant group that gives F.I.T. student artists from all majors the opportunity to learn and experience art beyond the classroom. Through activities such as student exhibitions, lectures, and visits to museums and art shows, Art Collective enriches its members. Art Collective explores the role of the young artist in New York City and in the world at large. Collective members find ways to play an integral part in their community and in the world as artists.
Art Collective is a service to all of the FIT community, extending its resources and welcoming collaborative input. Art Collective encourages cooperation between our collaborators (members), and stresses a democratic style of leadership.

[email protected] 
Through cultural, social and educational events, ASN aims to promote and celebrate the cultures of Asia and its rising importance in today's world especially placing focus on the global market.  By exchanging culture through interaction with people and events, knowledge of Asia is cultivated to support members' personal and professional interests and endeavors.  

[email protected]   

BRAG FIT mission is to promote the inclusion, acceptance and participation of students of color at all levels of retail, fashion and related industries through a partnership with BRAG national.  To provide FIT members with employment and scholarship opportunities through BRAG national’s employment referral program, scholarship program and the summer internship program.  To support and enhance BRAG national’s community service outreach initiatives.  To create a meaningful mentorship association for FIT students with professionals in retail, marketing, management, design, wholesale, finance, information technology, human resources, public relations, and other retail related fields through BRAG national.  To help assure that the retail industry is responsive to the needs of people of color and is reflective of their numbers in the marketplace.  To help provide continuous membership growth of BRAG national by preparing BRAG FIT club members to take on leadership roles in BRAG national after college graduation.

[email protected]   
To promote and celebrate black culture and international awareness within FIT and the surrounding community.

[email protected] 
Blush Magazine will serve as the Fashion Institute of Technology’s fashion, beauty and culture magazine. Each biannual issue will provide student readers with exquisitely artistic depictions of fashion, beauty and it's relation to culture and trends as well as provide insight from industry insiders. For and by students, Blush Magazine will provide a platform for contributors to showcase their abilities and learn firsthand about the process of creating a publication from start to finish.

[email protected]   
Chabad- Jewish Life at FIT nourishes Jewish life on campus and helps FIT students connect with their Jewish heritage, culture, and spirituality, regardless of background or affiliation. It provides a platform for students to discuss and learn about Jewish concepts, traditions, and customs via classes, lectures, trips, and holiday programs. Chabad Holds Jewish Life events such as holiday parties, Shabbatons, pro-Israel events, and community programs.

[email protected]
CYA will empower and encourage all FIT students to effectively brand themselves,  while protecting their academic and creative achievements through educational events, lectures, seminars and professional advisors.


[email protected]
Chinese Student Social Club aims to help the international student to get familiar with the FIT community and provide them with information regarding degree or everyday problems. We will also provide networking opportunities for current FIT students and alumni.

[email protected] 
The purpose of Christian Fellowship Club (CFC) is to show the authentic love of Jesus Christ on campus and grow each other spiritually by providing truth, learning, support and community to everyone interested. Educational materials, studies, speakers, movies, conferences, local community involvement with other charities and organizations in need, and other media will be encouraged, explored and utilized as an aid toward deepening relationships with one another and with God. We receive discipleship support from NYC Metro Cru. 

[email protected]
The mission statement shall be to educate and organize the student body, to participate in political discussion and action, and to serve as a representative of the Democratic party of the United States of America.

[email protected] 
The mission of Collegiate DECA is to give the opportunity to FIT students to attend national competitions, allowing them to learn practical business simulations in their specific majors as well as make valuable networking connections.  We strive to represent FIT and the state of New York in a positive manner at all competitions and make personal career advancements in industry.  

[email protected]   
To participate in beauty industry events and provide the school and beauty industry with a newsletter that is written and organized by the CFMA.

[email protected]
Members of Drawing New York take advantage of the city's great locations by traveling around the city to draw as well as explore each place. The club isn't just limited to places in Manhattan, but in fact all of the boroughs that make up the beautiful New York City. From sketching in
eateries and bars in Brooklyn to visiting museums in Manhattan, club members get to experience what they love best, drawing while learning about new places and meeting friends along the way. By drawing from life, life drawing skills will naturally improve by studying people, buildings, and landscapes.  Students from any major are welcomed; you just need a love of drawing and the curiosity to explore New York! All drawings that members create will be featured on our Instagram page, so the world can see your beautiful drawing.

[email protected] 
The Ethics & Sustainability Club will provide a platform for sustainable education and development for an environmentally conscious community. The club will focus on the following aspects of corporate social responsibility: cause-related marketing, employee empowerment & ethical relations. The club will serve to further educate students on how corporations, and fashion companies in particular, use CSR to achieve a variety of promotional, motivational and philanthropic purposes. The club will also create an opportunity for members to collaborate and network with one another; as well as outside sources. The club will connect students to respected members of the industry by inviting guests to speak in club meetings and events. We plan on fostering a sustainable-minded community for the future in business and design industries.

[email protected] 
Fashionably bringing together students of all fields of study through enriching programs, activities, and networking. The fashion design club tries to offer opportunities to their members that they might not be able to get otherwise such as design opportunities, contests, and internships. We bring in fashion industry professionals to speak with the club and bring knowledge of the industry. We also have teaching lessons from professors or students to show different techniques in the fashion design field that they may not have learned in class. We also use our skills to give back to others such as making items to donate. Our club is about learning, getting opportunities, and growing in the fashion industry. 

[email protected]
The purpose of Film Society shall be to expand students’ knowledge on the subject of film, and become immersed in the film industry here in New York City, Nationally, and abroad. Film Society hopes to bring an inclusive an immersive experience to the FIT community so all students may
come to share their appreciation of films.

[email protected]
Our mission shall be to engage members in researched political debate and discussion, leading to a better understanding of international relations, diplomacy and multilateral agreements.  This is our first semester here at FIT and we are excited to get things underway! 

[email protected] 
FIT Outreach is a club based purely on helping those in need and bettering the lives of others. Through our time, work, and various skills, we recognize how fortunate we are to be at a college, and because of this, we are readily willing to give back. The club will participate in at least two community service events per semester such as, feeding the homeless for The Breakfast Run, building homes with Habitat for Humanity, and caring for children through the Ronald McDonald House Charity. We also participate in events like The Alzheimer's Walk and volunteer at Fox House Shelter. Lending a helping hand makes you feel that you are making a difference. It warms our hearts to know people really do appreciate the time and effort you are putting in to make their day a little bit better.

[email protected]
To represent the voice of over 10,000 FIT students through intentional dialog with students and administration, inclusive programming, and student governance.

[email protected] 
The purpose of the FIT Gospel Choir is to invite the entire FIT community to participate through gospel inspirational and motivational music. We participate in sponsoring concerts & conferences. We also attend gospel workshops, seminars and field trips.

[email protected] 
GCC is a safe space for FIT students who love geek culture which includes, but is not limited to: anime, video games, comics, sci-fi, and cartoons. We aim to create, share, and network opportunities and experiences related to this culture & communities.

[email protected] 
We are a new organization that aims to bring together students from various majors in our school, to create a community for mutual support and empowerment.  Through our club, we would like to bring awareness to gender inequality issues still present in our environment, as well as engage in multiple community service activities to help others in need.

[email protected]
Our purpose is to educate and inform members about the Home Products Industry through field trips, speakers, events, and trade shows. The Home Products Club runs Flea Markets selling industry quality donations such as soft home items, stationary and gifts as well as bake sales through the semester to help fund our purpose. 

[email protected] 
The mission statement of IN.dustry Club shall be to enhance our member's knowledge and career experiences by helping them shadow industry professionals. Members will shadow mentors at a partnered company and will be exposed to the day-to-day responsibilities of working in the fashion and art industries. This type of shadowing provides our members with a hands-on experience, as well as a deep understanding of the role and importance of the mentor's position. IN.dustry Club also holds networking opportunities such as lunch-and-learns, mentoring programs, guest speakers and industry visits to provide a memorable, valuable and unique experience for our members. This club offers a diverse and interdisciplinary experience for students from all FIT majors and background.

[email protected]
The mission of our club is to unify the Indian student body on campus.  To share the Indian culture and traditions on campus and beyond campus as well.  To organize events to enhance the Indian culture.

[email protected] 
The mission of the Interior Design Club is to bridge the Interior Design Industry with current Interior Design students at the Fashion Institute of Technology. We want to expose our members to real life experiences and to get a better understanding of what their career path could potentially.

[email protected]
TSA is an organization for students with a global mindset. We serve as the community hub between Networking, Professional Events, and the classroom here at FIT. We aim to host weekly meetings and a collection of professional and networking events per semester. As students
enroll and graduate from their respective programs, ITSA will stand as an academic totem pole for members old and new to share ideas, network, and cultivate a community.

[email protected] 
A super solid foundation for a professional yet comforting environment and networking platform for our members and industry leaders. Our primary mission has been to support our members' international fashion and cultural dreams, such as: studying, traveling and/or moving abroad, as well as creating a diverse cultural environment here at FIT.

[email protected]
We encourage FIT’s students who are immigrants and international students to pursue spiritual life as seriously, freely and/or openly as their desire. Each year, many new students of diverse, minority, and international backgrounds step into campus for the first time.  We help and guide them to study the Bible, build community and support one another in their spiritual growth and development through a variety of creative ways. Furthermore, we give the opportunity to share the Gospel and God’s love to positively impact our community, school and their life and to grow student’s relationship with Christ through Outreach, Conference, Retreat, Large Group, Small Group, Mission trip and Club activities. Soon Movement – Korean Campus Crusades for Christ, is based in Korean Culture, and intertwines and welcomes all different cultures and ethnicities. In addition, we aim to connect with FIT’s international students. During Large Group, we welcome to students to praise, prayer, and do icebreakers to get to know our FIT community.

[email protected] 
The purpose of KSOF is not only to unite and build stronger relationships with Korean students and alumni of FIT, but also to create a network with Korean students in other universities in the USA by participating in various activities.

[email protected]
The LGBTQ Students United is a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer club that educates and creates a community on campus through meetings and events.

[email protected]
To create a collective community to discuss the Menswear industry with insights about its creative and social significance. The Menswear Club shall be a platform for members to enhance their skills and support others. The Menswear Club will promote and inspire menswear from within and beyond Fashion Institute of Technology.

[email protected]   
The Merchandising Society is dedicated to creating connections with professionals in the fashion and retail industries by hosting guest speakers, visiting company headquarters, and holding several alumni networking events throughout the year. Some companies we proudly foster relationships with include Nordstrom, Amazon, Limited Brands, 7 for All Mankind, Chico’s, Ross Stores, Toys R Us, and Kohl’s. Our extensive study of the industry is made possible through our members’ diligent fundraising, generous donations from companies, along with the financial support of the Fashion Institute of Technology Student Association.

[email protected]
The FIT Muslim student union are composed of individuals that strive, but never impose limitations, to create and raise awareness of the basis of understanding Islam on campus, as well as fostering a sense of community and brotherhood/sisterhood among Muslims, as well as allies. The
MSU will promote appreciation of the core Islamic teachings, regardless of their level of practice, to both Muslims and non-Muslims through its events, trips and activities.

[email protected] 
We serve talented students interested in making retailing their career by offering unique educational programs, networking opportunities, and access to the latest retail research and news.  We provide opportunities for educational enhancement through interaction with industry executives, attendance at NRF-sponsored events, and off-site field trips.

[email protected]
The purpose of the Production Management club shall be to bring together those with interest in this field by providing network connection in the industry.  If you have an interest in business and technology and would like a career after FIT, this club is the perfect place for you. Students in this club not only network with each other and alumni but within the fashion industry.  During this year we would like to accomplish various activities including fields trip to different companies, guest speakers, trade shows, seminars and the Alumni Dinner. The annual Alumni Dinner takes place at the end of the school year. Students will be able to engage and network with alumni students who now work in the fashion industry. This club allows students within the department to network with each other as well as other clubs within the FIT community, allowing for a stronger FIT network base in the garment industry.

[email protected]   
If you're interested in public relations and communications, this is the organization for you! The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is a national pre-professional organization that offers experience and knowledge to members interested in the public relations industry. Our Chapter is dedicated to helping members get first hand experience in the field of public relations and communications through various workshops, panels, guest speakers, and more. Members will get advice from professionals in the field, have the opportunity to participate in agency tours, and connect with like-minded individuals at networking events. Chapter members also help plan and produce our annual fundraiser event,  "Match Made on Seventh." Our Chapter travels annually to the PRSSA National Conference, National Assembly, and other Regional Conferences to learn more about the industry and make connections. PRSSA is a great organization to enhance your knowledge, develop a passion for PR, and network with fellow members across the country. Join today! 

[email protected]   
The Residence Hall Association consists of an assembly of residents that want to make a positive change within their Residence Halls by creating events and holding meetings that facilitate a greater sense of community.  Our endeavors include events which will generate a more open and communicative environment within the residence halls and throughout the entire Fashion Institute of Technology campus.   The Residence Hall Association’s intention is to empower both residents and off-campus students to contribute to and create a community throughout the Fashion Institute of Technology. Behind each Residence Hall Association event will be a driven group of residents who make up the RHA Executive Board and each hall’s RHA Hall Councils. We encourage the residents to create and maintain a positive environment throughout the Fashion Institute of Technology residence halls.

[email protected]  
The purpose of this organization is to bring together students and faculty from across FIT to learn more about Fashion Shows and how to organize them. This club will be a multi-disciplinary club with the goal of producing a professional fashion show involving all members in a collaboration of their respective disciplines and talents.  The organization will focus especially on the following aspects of Fashion Shows: how different fashion job categories (merchandisers, designers, models, artists, photographers, textiles specialists, general business management, and advertising and P.R. professionals) collaborate to produce striking, beautiful and effective fashion shows. Runway27 will also help students understand and investigate potential career paths, internships, educational training and industry jobs related to Fashion Shows. The organization will connect students to respected members of the Fashion Show specialty by inviting expert guests and alumni to speak in club meetings and in classes.  The organization will serve to further educate students on the role fashion shows play in the overall corporate strategy of fashion companies and design start-ups.

[email protected] 
The Skyliners is talented group of individuals who all come together to share their love of music and singing with one another! There are so many opportunities to get involved within our group, ranging from singing and performing to even being involved on the event planning, advertising and marketing side. Become part of the Skyliner family, we are beyond excited to meet you!

[email protected] 
We endeavor to promote awareness and encourage campus involvement through a wide range of activities; including but not limited to cultural, social, spiritual, educational, career and lifestyle events & workshops.  The overall goal is to foster empowerment; creativity, visibility and engagement for the campus population of students who are parents that wish to acquire support from peers, and FIT student body; thereby aiding the student’s pursuit of present and future endeavors. 

See FITLink for details.

[email protected] 
We promote a greater understanding of Taiwanese culture both on campus and beyond through various cultural events, network with professionals that can be our members' mentors, give all Taiwanese students a feeling of home even if they are not in Taiwan.

[email protected] 
Tasty Disasters is a culinary class where you're able to learn about different recipes from different cultures from around the world. Tasty Disasters will teach you how to not only balance your health, but also turn your disasters into delicacies.

[email protected]
The Textile and Surface Design Club will inform and familiarize students about the textile industry, textile and surface design and explore culture related to the field.  The club will invite guest lecturers to discuss the different aspects of the industry, share their experiences, provide advice, demonstrate specialized skills and show examples of their work. There will include but not be limited to alumni, artists, and international visitors who will talk about design and textile related topics.

[email protected] 
The mission statement of this organization is to provide an environment that encourages the participation and exploration of all segments of theatre, to the community of the Fashion Institute of Technology, by providing weekly club meetings, theatre workshops, theatrical productions and other programing. Theatre Club aims to help build community through the art of theatre and other performing arts. As a club, the Theatre Club promotes self expression, individualism, exploration, and self-discovery.

[email protected] 
Our mission, as an official member of UNICEF, is to advocate and promote the rights of all children in the world, especially the right to receive proper education and the right to be free from the exploitative labor in any industry by encouraging students to take actions. 

[email protected]  Urban Studio is an artist initiated enterprise that encourages the artist as activist to participate in art administrative activities as well as hands on studio projects. Urban Studio creates and nourishes professional development through emphasizing participation and collaboration. Artists are engaged in a wide variety of issues and topics, and are encouraged to find new and diverse venues for their work. We prioritize applying to and obtaining public art projects, as a way to bridge the gap between our studio practice and the art world external to FIT. We aim to give our members real life experience enhancing their skill set, and preparing them to continue forward after graduation from FIT.

[email protected]
The Vietnamese Students Club (VSA) of Fashion Institute of Technology is a student-run organization dedicated to promoting the rich Vietnamese heritage through social and cultural events both on and off-campus. Through our various club functions, we strive for an inclusive community on
campus that celebrates and spreads the word about Vietnamese culture. We will be highly involved with other colleges involved in VSA such as Stony Brook, Baruch, Hunter, St. John's University, and many more! VSA focuses around the Vietnamese culture and heritage through interactive events and activities held by the E-Board of VSA throughout the school year. We give our members a chance to network with other students outside of FIT’s big campus and possibly forming mutually beneficial long term professional business partners. VSA is nationally recognized club throughout the Eastern border of the US with UNAVSA and has created many years of relationship and friendship that emphasize on the relationship of feeling like a family amongst each other.

[email protected]   
As the Fashion Institute of Technology's premier monthly publication, W27 focuses on topics such as campus life, local events, national and international news, art, media, and culture. The W27 team is comprised of editors, writers, administrative executives, designers, photographers, and illustrators. 

[email protected] 
The mission statement of WFIT Broadcasting is to provide an open, unbiased platform for the FIT community to voice their opinions and engage with the public at large.  The organization will provide competitive training for the future leaders of broadcasting and media communications at the Fashion Institute of Technology. WFIT aims to utilize innovation in every aspect of the organization, preparing members for careers both on-air and behind-the-scenes in a rapidly evolving industry.