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Emre Özsöz


Office Location: Business and Liberal Arts B645
Phone: 212 217.4929
E-mail:  emre_ozsoz@fitnyc.edu



BA, Franklin and Marshall College
MA, Fordham University
PhD, Fordham University



Ozsoz, Emre; Akinkunmi, Mustapha; Ay, Ismail C.; Bamidele Ademola, 2017. How CBN confronted the Meltdown: The Global Financial Crisis and the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Response.  The Singapore Economic Review. 62:01, 147-161.

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  • SS 201 – Contemporary Issues in Economics
  • SS 302 – Economics of Energy and Fossil Fuels
  • SS 339 – Introduction to Development Economics (Honors)
  • SS 394 – Global Financial Markets (Honors)
  • SS 345 – Fundamentals of Finance for Fashion Industries
  • SS 443 – International Economics
  • SS 445 – Money and Banking