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Requirements for Overnight Visitation

It is mandatory for all students to complete several requirements before requesting an overnight guest. Your overnight guest request will not be approved if you fail to complete these requirements. Once you have completed these steps, you are eligible to apply for overnight visitation privileges. Please visit our Visitation Policy page for further instructions on pre-registering your overnight guests.

Spring 2018


Before you arrive on campus: 

1. Watch the Move In Series, Part 1 video (overnight requirements and what to bring)

2.  Complete all three components of the MyStudentBody Essentials course (Drug, Alcohol and Sexual Violence) at  www.mystudentbody.com Create a username and password using the school code fittiger. See: Instructions for Accessing MyStudentBody

3.  Complete the "Residence Hall Expectations Questionnaire." Details will be sent to your FIT email.

After you arrive on campus:

4. Attend your floor meeting - Tuesday, January 23rd at 7pm on your floor



Before you arrive on campus: 

1. If you have not already done so - complete all three components of the MyStudentBody Essentials course (Drug, Alcohol and Sexual Violence) at www.mystudentbody.com. You may already have an existing username and password from last year. See: Instructions for Accessing MyStudentBody

After you arrive on campus:

2. Attend your floor meeting - see floor postings from your RA for meeting date/time.