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FALL RETURN 2021:   Find details about FIT’s full return to campus for fall classes.

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Withdrawal and Refund Information

If at any time you decide to decline your residence hall space, you must complete an online withdrawal form which is sent directly to the Residential Life Office. Once a withdrawal form is properly submitted, refunds will be processed, see the Refund Schedule below. Appeals to the refund policy must be directed to the office of the Residential Life, in writing, through [email protected].

If you wish to be released from your housing contract, you must complete an online housing withdrawal request. Submitting this request does not guarantee release from the Housing Contract.

Students who are graduating, students enrolled in a college exchange program, or students withdrawing from the college must complete the housing withdrawal request. Questions regarding refund checks/payments should be directed to the Bursar's Office at (212) 217-3680.

Students who are already living in campus housing and are withdrawing from the residence halls MUST ADHERE to the established check-out procedure outlined below.

Withdrawal procedure

  1. Complete the online withdrawal request form. Note: You must be logged into your FIT email address to access the form.
  2. To be released from the academic year housing contract, you must provide documentation that supports one of the reasons for withdrawal found below. Please bring this documentation to the Residential Life Office within 3 business days of the request.
  3. Vacate the residence halls by the date/time indicated on the Withdrawal Request Form. Room Condition: Room must be left in “move-in” condition (broom swept, drawers wiped clean, floors mopped, etc.) Any items remaining will be discarded by FIT maintenance staff at the resident’s expense. Please note: Any resident who fails to leave his/her room in “move-in condition” will be charged a cleaning fee to be determined by the college maintenance department.
  4. Return key(s) and Resident ID to the Residential Life Office during office hours.

 Online Withdrawal Form

Residence Hall Refund Policy

The Housing Contract is binding for the full academic year. Students who withdraw are liable for any financial penalties incurred as a result of terminating the contract. The student bears all responsibility for officially requesting release from the housing contract.

Withdrawing from the college does not automatically cancel the housing contract.

There are no refunds for housing. However, a student may request to be released for any one of the following reasons by submitting documentation with their withdrawal request:

  • Graduation from the college in December
    • Letter from the registrar confirming graduation
    • Transcript detailing completion of coursework
    • Proof of purchase of cap and gown
  • Death of an immediate family member/guardian
    • Death certificate
    • Name and phone number of funeral home, hospital, or hospice
  • Long-term hospitalization of the student or other extenuating medical condition
    • Letter from physician/hospital
    • Letter from FIT Health Services
  • Entering military service
    • Standard Form 180
    • Documentation providing proof of foreign military service
  • Acceptance into a College-approved study abroad program
    • Acceptance letter
    • Letter from department chair or Study Abroad office
    • Student account with billing for study abroad program

Residents who withdraw will be responsible for a minimum charge of $500.00. See the refund schedule below for financial penalties incurred as a result of terminating the contract. Additionally there will be no refunds for winter or spring housing.

Withdrawals prior to August 1 for the fall semester, or January 1 for the spring semester, are subject to a minimum charge of $500.00 non-refundable deposit.

For withdrawal charges and refunds after August 1 and January 1, see refund schedule below.

Fall 2021 

Before 8/1 Minimum charge of $500.00 non-refundable deposit
8/1-8/23 Refund of 75% (25% charge) of total room charges
8/24-8/30 Refund of 50% (50% charge) of total room charges
8/31-9/6 Refund of 25% (75% charge) of total room charges
After 9/6 No refund


Students accepted after the withdrawal request deadline are required to submit payment in full and are subject to the charges reflected above.

All refunds will be credited to the student’s account through the Bursar’s office.

Room portion: Refunds reflected above are based on cost for total room charges.

Meal portion: Residents have until the 1st day of the the 3rd week of classes to adjust their meal plan. There will be no refunds after that time.