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Maintenance Work Orders

Non-emergency maintenance requests can be placed through

For emergency issues such as:
gas smells, water leaks, power failure, lack of heat, etc.
Call Public Safety at 212-217-7777

Instructional Video on How to Place a work Order:

Step by step instructions
  1.  Go to
  2.  Check your email for your username and password. If is the first time you have logged in, please change your password.
  3. Click on "Request Maintenance Services."
  4. Choose your floor and your room.
  5. Select the type of issue you are reporting (Remember: please contact FIT Public Safety 212-217-7777 for emergencies)
  6. Describe the issue in the most detail possible.
  7. Select your Hall
  8. Review the information and click "Submit."
  9. You will receive an email with you work order number and you will now be able to check the status of your request on your home page on For further updates, call the ABM hotline at 212-217-4440.


  1. Requests submitted through the work order system will only be reviewed during office hours. Office hours are typically Monday through Friday, 9AM-5PM excluding holidays, college closings, and summer hours.
  2. This work order system is for maintenance requests only. IT/Cable TV requests should be submit with FIT TechHelp (212-217-4357).
  3. Maintenance work orders can still be placed through the ABM hotline at 212-217-4440. Please be sure to get a work order number from the operator.