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Moving Out

RESIDENTS MUST VACATE by 9:00 a.m. on the day following their last final exam or by
10:00am on THURSDAY, December 20, 2018*
whichever is earlier



Students permanently leaving the halls
for Spring 2019:


Students returning to the halls
for Spring 2019:



Students leaving the residence halls permanently must turn in keys and submit a withdrawal form by 12/1 to avoid charges.

This includes graduating, one-semester exchange residents, or students participating in overseas exchange programs for spring semester.

Withdrawal form is located online




27TH STREET: Residents are required to keep your ID and keys.

KAUFMAN HALL: Residents are required to keep your ID, but turn in key card to drop box outside of Residential Life Office.


 *In the event that FIT uses emergency make-up days, please check your FIT email address for updates to the move-out date. RESIDENCE HALLS WILL BE LOCKED and THERE WILL BE NO ACCESS until 12:00 Noon on January 1, 2019 (students registered for winter housing ONLY). Students will NOT have access to rooms or belongings until Spring Semester Check-In (Jan. 25 thru Jan. 27) unless they are registered for winter housing. NO EXCEPTIONS.


There is no overnight visitation during opening, closing, and final exam periods (no exceptions). Please see the Residential Life calendar for dates.


Traffic is gridlock in NYC increases as we approach the holidays. Residents who live within driving distance should consider moving their possessions on the weekends of Dec. 8th and/or Dec. 15th. If you are not within driving distance, consider shipping your belongings home.

DO NOT LEAVE CARS UNATTENDED. Please note that N.Y.C. will tow & ticket unattended cars on the Street.


Check-out is easy!  Go to the “Express Check-Out” station located in the lobby (see signs in lobby). Swipe your ID OR click on “Check-Out Another Way” (enter last name and date of birth) and follow the prompts. Make sure you click “continue” on the last screen to insure check-out.  Kaufman residents turn in key card to the drop box outside of Residential Life Office.

THERE IS NO ACCESS TO ROOMS OR BELONGINGS during the break. Do not leave valuables. While we do not require residents to remove possessions, residents leave belongings at their own risk. The college will not allow students to access rooms and will not assume responsibility for losses or damages that may occur.  

PLEASE BE AWARE THE COLLEGE HAS MAINTENCE PROJECTS SCHEDULED DURING THE WINTER BREAK.  TO COMPLETE WORK, ROOMS MAY BE ENTERED. We recommend each student have personal property insurance. Personal property insurance information can be found here.

THE RESIDENTIAL LIFE STAFF WILL INSPECT EVERY ROOM to ensure that all student have vacated and the rooms are in proper condition. Residential Life reserves the right to sanction for any infraction of residence hall policies.

  • All rooms must be left in clean condition (broom swept, floors mopped, etc.).
  • All personal items should be placed above floor level
  • All electrical appliances must be unplugged (TV, Stereo, Alarm Clocks, etc.) and all lights must be turned off. Students in suites must not unplug refrigerators.
  • All windows must be closed securely and blinds pulled down.
  • All unwanted items and garbage must be discarded by residents.
  • Any items or garbage remaining after a resident withdraws or switches rooms will be disposed of by FIT maintenance staff at the resident’s expense (including items left in public areas). Residents in suites are responsible for cleaning the refrigerator, stove, kitchen cabinets/sink and bath/shower/bathroom areas.

PLEASE NOTE: ANY resident who fails to leave their room in clean condition (see above) or occupies space other than their assigned space will be charged a fee to be determined by the maintenance department.

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