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Construction Schedule for Current Week

February 23, 2018

Manhattan West

Southest Tower

In the Southeast lot (Platform and Track Level), at 31st Street and 9th Avenue, crews will not be working Saturday 2/24 – Sunday 2/25.  Work in this lot will continue weekdays 7AM to 5PM. 

Con Ed Work
Con Edison will not be performing work on 31st Street Saturday 2/24 – Sunday 2/25.

Northwest Tower

In the Northwest lot (between 424 & 450 W 33rd St), crews will not be working Saturday 2/24 – Sunday 2/25.  Rock chopping will continue in this lot weekdays 7AM to 5PM. 

Loft Building (424 W 33rd St.)

Saturday 2/24, 7AM to 5PM

  • ATS testing

  • 1st floor lobby closure
  • Equipment relocates from PH level to 2nd floor

Sunday 2/25, 7AM to 5PM

  • Painting and taping on interior of the building

Please note: The above-mentioned work is not expected to be perceived as noisy by Loft building neighbors.

Week of Monday 2/26

  • Various trades will be working first and second shift on the Loft building interior throughout the week. 

Northeast Tower

Saturday 2/24
6 AM – 7PM (activities before 7AM will not be noisy)

  • Tishman labor – General housekeeping, garbage removal
  • EJ Electric – Stand by, EMR risers, pulling cable at EMR riser on 21 EMR, 4th floor Switchgear Room
  • Donaldson – Perimeter protection, Blind Shaft Walls
  • Safway – Jumping East Exterior Cars to 30, Hoist maintenance
  • Schindler – Working in E & F banks, 2 trucks of rail deliveries
  • Navillus – Rebar install level 30
  • Benson – Hang curtain wall at NW corner of 6
  • ASM – Installing Duct in cell 2 on 5th and 7th floors
  • MW – Bolting up and Decking on 38, Both N & S Tower Cranes will be working

Sunday 2/25
No Work

Week of Monday 2/26
TC1 will start at 5AM each week day. The hoists will run the operator up at 4:30AM and work will begin at 5AM. The work between 5AM and 7AM will not be noisy work. The second shift will continue throughout the week.

Dyer Avenue Overbuild

At Dyer Avenue Overbuild the inbound lanes will be closed per the following schedule:

  • Friday 2/23 10PM to Saturday 2/24 7AM
  • Saturday 2/24 10PM to Sunday 2/25 7AM

Please note, there will be no Sunday night shift this weekend. Work will resume Monday 2/26 at 10PM. The following work activities will occur this weekend:

  • Safway – Removal of planks and plywood from atop outbound lanes of roadway shed.
  • Parkview Plumbing – Piping of storm drains below “Loading Bay 1,” piping of fire standpipe, installation of FHC’s.
  • Allan Briteway Electric – Installation of brackets and hangers at area below “Loading Bay 1,” installation of temporary roadway lighting at inbound lanes.
  • Tishman Labor – Debris removal and general cleaning.