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Construction Schedule for Current Week

June 15, 2018

Manhattan West

Southest Tower (9th Ave & 31st St)
In the Southeast lot (Platform and Track Level), at W 31st Street and 9th Avenue, excavation work is scheduled for Saturday 6/2 7AM-3:30PM at Track Level.  This not expected to be noisy work. There is no work on Sunday 6/3.

Week of 6/18
Work in this lot will continue weekdays 7AM to 5PM.

Northwest Tower (440 W 33rd St)
In the Northwest lot, located between 424 & 450 W 33rd Street, no work is scheduled for Saturday 6/16 through Sunday 6/17.

Week of 6/18
Work in this lot will continue weekdays 7AM to 5PM.

Loft Building (424 W 33rd St.)
Friday 6/15 (5PM to 9PM)
Zwicker – Fire alarm testing
Reagan – General housekeeping

Saturday 6/16 (7AM to 5PM)
Wilkstone – Prep lobby floors and epoxy fill leveling for Terrazzo flooring.
Liberty – Expedite elevator work on PE-1.
JDP Mechanical – Install AC units at Frame deli.

Sunday 6/17 (7AM to 2PM)
Wilkstone – Prep for east lobby terrazzo.

Week of 6/18
Work on the interior of the Loft building will continue weekdays around the clock.

NE Tower (9th Ave & 33rd St)
Saturday 6/16 (5AM to 4:30PM) – 4 exterior hoist cars, 1 internal car

  • Tishman labor – General housekeeping, bulk rubbish removal from tower

  • EJ Electric – West electric closet floors 23-26, DX shaft express risers 27-28, vitalink cable 4-48

  •  ASM – Stair B press & GX, SX floors 30-34, stair C press levels 16-19, stair B women’s room plenum on 21-23, cell 2 south risers from B-1 to 4, horizontal duct install 26-27

  • Donaldson – Core board install men’s room 33-37, sheetrock delivery, removing local 1 protection in E&F bank levels 31-32, perimeter protection on level 42 C bank elevator machine deliveries, layout EMRs 31 & 43

  •  Schindler – Working with MW on C bank motor pick to level 42, B bank layout, entrances in service elevator

  • MW – Erecting steel on 56/58 (north crane), bolting, decking, jumping cocoon (bottom up to 53), picking C bank motors to level 42

  • WDF – Setting fixtures in men’s & women’s rooms on level 10, men’s room stacks on 9, horizontal storm in cell 2 on B-1, stair B stacks from 32 up, stacks in DX fan room from 6 up, Janitor’s closet riser

  • Star Delta – Core drilling for fire alarm in cell 1 north low voltage closet 27 down to 20

  • HVR – Level 4 waterproofing, temp waterproofing on 44

Sunday 6/17
No work

Week of 6/118
NE Tower running 2 shifts on weekdays.

  • Tentative slab on deck pour level 49 – 6/20/18, 7AM start

Dyer Avenue Overbuild
Friday 6/15 11PM until Saturday 6/16 1PM
Dyer Ave Inbound Shutdown

  • Parkview Plumbing – Insulate drain piping, install standpipe and associated cabinet, insulation.
  • Allan Briteway – Continue installing finishes along Dyer Ave.

  • Paragon – Screens at beam enclosures, plate covering gap along the side of Dyer roadway.

  • RCC – Finishing patching/grouting of baseplates at openings.

Week of 6/18
Work will continue with nightly shutdowns of Dyer Ave on weekdays.

Retail & Central Plaza
Saturday 6/17 (7AM-3PM)

  • Stonebridge – Bolting, decking, plumbing, shooting studs.
  • RCC – Installing mat slab on north end of platform.

Week of 6/18
Work to continue weekdays 7AM to 5PM.

ConEd Utility Work at 31st Street
There is no ConEd work scheduled at the 31st Street location for this weekend, Saturday 6/16 through Sunday 6/17.

Week of 6/18
Work along the south side of 31st Street is expected to continue weekdays.

ConEd Utility Work at 9th Avenue
10PM – 6AM

Con Edison continues to upgrade the electric and gas service on 9th Avenue between W 33rd and W 34th Streets.  This work will continue weeknights through 6/23/2018.
The following can be expected:

  • Noise
  • Street Closure
  • No Parking during Working Hours

ConEd apologizes for any inconvenience this work may cause. Updates will be provided as the work continues. For more information, please contact manhattanrca@coned.com.