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Area Construction Projects

Manhattan West

Across West 31st Street from Kaufman Hall, Manhattan West, a major residential and commercial development stretching from 31st to 33rd streets, and from Ninth Avenue to Dyer Avenue, is currently under construction.

When completed in 2020, the complex will include a 62-story residential building, two commercial office buildings each over 60 stories tall, and a 30-story hotel with condominiums on the upper floors. An existing office building on the west side of the complex is being renovated and the first floor will house a Whole Foods grocery store and dining options. The complex will surround a large central landscaped plaza open to the public.

Construction at Manhattan West

The developer, Brookfield Properties, has informed FIT that some of the work, adjacent to the train tracks between West 31st and West 33rd streets, can only be done after hours when it will not disrupt train operations. The company has obtained after-hours work permits allowing construction from 10pm until 5am, Monday through Friday, and all day on weekends. 

College administrators meet regularly with Brookfield Properties to discuss conditions, plan for upcoming activities, and identify measures that can be taken to reduce noise and disruption. (See noise reduction progress to date.) Please report disruptive noise immediately. FIT logs all student complaints and reports them to Brookfield Properties the same day. College administrators can address these issues much more effectively with your input. You are encouraged to:

  • File a complaint with New York City every time the noise is excessive. Either call 311 or use the “request” option on the 311 NYC app. (Make this a link pls). Repeated complaints may result in fines.
  • Submit a noise report to the Dean of Students Office each time that disruptive noise is experienced. Please email reports to dean_of_students@fitnyc.edu and include the date, time, and duration of the noise, as well as the room number in which you hear it.
  • Contact Brookfield Properties: Henry Caso, vice president, Manhattan West Construction, (212) 560-0746 or email Manhattanwest.Development@brookfield.com.

Learn more about the Manhattan West project on the developer’s website.

Northeast Tower at Manhattan West (Link to map once available)

Dates: Exterior work will continue through September 2018. Project completion is anticipated in summer 2019.
Location: Ninth Avenue and West 33rd Street
Responsible Party: Brookfield Properties

Exterior construction of this 67-story office building will continue through September 2018. The work alternates between installing the steel structure and pouring the concrete walls and floors. As of mid-December 2017, the concrete walls had reached a height of 47 stories.

Southeast Tower at Manhattan West (Link to map once available)

Dates: July 2017–December 2020
Location: Ninth Avenue and West 31st Street
Responsible Party: Brookfield Properties

Site preparation for this 62-story building began in July 2017 and may continue through December 2018. To install the building’s foundation, the project requires 12-18 months of rock chopping, which is loud and percussive work. In December 2017, rock chopping will occur on weekday nights from 10pm to 10am, and on weekends from Friday at 11pm through Sunday at 6am. 

Infrastructure Construction

Sewer Pipe Replacement

Dates: Work will continue through January 2018 
Location: West 30th Street between Ninth Avenue and Dyer Avenue
Responsible Party: New York City Department of Design and Construction

Installation of the new sewer pipe will be completed by January 26, 2018.  

Future Construction Projects

Hudson Yards Hotel

Dates: Scheduled to start in January 2018. 
Location: West 31st Street and Dyer Avenue, adjacent to the Kaufman Hall loading dock
Responsible Party: Arisa Realty

A project schedule is not yet available for this 26-story hotel. Similar construction projects take about two and a half years, with the first portion encompassing demolition, site preparation, foundation work, and construction of the building exterior, and the last year of work primarily within the building.

Reconstruction of West 31st Street Roadbed Support Structure

Dates: March 2018–February 2020
Location: West 31st Street from Ninth Avenue to just east of the front door of Kaufman Hall
Responsible Party: Brookfield Properties for New York City Department of Transportation 

The bridge that supports the West 31st Street roadbed from Ninth Avenue to just before the entrance to Kaufman Hall must be replaced. This will involve closing this portion of the street to vehicles for the better part of two years. Pedestrian access on West 31st Street will be maintained and construction will not directly obstruct the entrance to Kaufman Hall.

Manhattan West Hotel

Dates: March 2018–June 2020
Location: West 33rd Street and Dyer Avenue
Responsible Party: Brookfield Properties

Site preparation for this 30-story hotel requires two to three months of rock chopping, early in the construction process. This work will occur on weekdays, between 7 am and 6 pm.