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Dining Plans

You may select and/or change your meal plan online by going to MyHousing.

» Click here to view deadlines for selecting/changing meal plans

Residents in traditional style rooms will be billed for a meal plan each fall and spring semester. Meal plans are billed as part of your residential housing fee. 

The meals per week portion of your plan can be used at the Dubinsky Student Center first floor Cafe. Each time you eat, one meal is subtracted from your weekly meal balance. You may choose the number of meals based on your desired eating habits and academic schedule.

All meal plan choices come with a certain amount of declining balance built in. Declining balance is accepted like cash at all of our dining locations on campus and works on the same principle as a bank debit card. Whenever you buy a meal on campus, the total amount of your purchase is subtracted from your account.

Any unused declining balance dollars from the fall semester may roll over to the spring, but cannot be used toward the spring semester meal plan bill. Unused spring semester declining balance dollars are non-refundable. 

Meal plans are available to suite/apartment residents at an additional cost.

For detailed information visit the FIT Dining website.