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Gender Inclusive Housing

Residential Life is introducing a gender inclusive housing option for the 2017-2018 academic year.   FIT is proud to join over 200 colleges across the nation, including 24 within New York State, many within the SUNY system, who offer this option to their students.

For more information on why gender inclusive housing options are critical on college campuses and why FIT has joined other universities in diversifying its community, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page


  • Gender inclusive housing is provided as an option in both first year and returning student residence halls.
  • We will continue to assign residents to housing in same-sex accommodations for all students who do not opt-in to gender inclusive housing.
  • Gender inclusive housing will be offered based on availability of space and interest amongst students.  In some cases, students with other housing accommodation needs may not be able to participate in gender-inclusive housing, however every effort will be made to find the most suitable housing for each student.
  • Gender inclusive housing is available in Alumni Hall (quad apartment accommodations only) for first year students and Kaufman Hall (double, triple, and quad apartments) for returning students.   
  • On the housing application for the upcoming academic year, students will be able to choose a gender-inclusive housing option.  Students CONFIRMED for housing will then be given the opportunity to select roommates from the pool of students also in gender inclusive housing, or with known roommates who have also opted-in.  This roommate selection process is the same as our current practice for all FIT students, but will be conducted without restrictions of sex or gender. Waitlisted students cannot be chosen as roommates.  
  • Students residing in gender inclusive housing will sign an agreement to uphold the principles of a gender inclusive environment that is free from discrimination and prejudice.