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Orientation and Other Information

Orientation, Academic Advisement, and Registration

The Department of Student Life will mail information about orientation to you. The website provided in the mailing will describe both mandatory and optional orientation and advisement/registration events. For more information about orientation, visit the New Student Orientation website.

Online advisement and registration information is available online on the Registrar's Office website. You will receive web registration instructions by email from the Registrar’s Office, which will direct you to detailed step-by-step instructions and various websites to help you select appropriate courses.

Placement Tests

Competency in English writing, arithmetic, and algebra are graduation requirements at FIT/SUNY. Placement in the proper course by a placement professional is essential to ensure student success.

At FIT, placement is determined by taking one of the following:

  • The SAT Exam, including the Essay Writing Examination (preferred). FIT Code 2257
  • The ACT Examination, including the Essay Writing Examination. FIT Code 2744

For information on how the scores are used for placement purposes, go to Placement Tests.

All first-year students must submit SAT/ACT scores for placement purposes except:

  • International students must schedule an appointment to take the placement test prior to the first day of classes. Go to Placement Tests for more information.
  • Students who have taken college-level math and English may be eligible for placement test exemptions. Go to Placement Tests for more information.

FIT-ABLE: Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities are encouraged to register with the Office of Disability Support Services (FIT-ABLE). All information is maintained as confidential and does not become a part of your academic transcript. In order to receive services and accommodations, you will need to provide current (most recent three years) evaluations and/or documentation to FIT-ABLE. Accommodations are determined individually each semester and can include but are not limited to:

  • Exam administration (extended time, distraction-reduced space)
  • Readers
  • Scribes
  • Use of computer with spell check and grammar check
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Peer note-takers

For students with learning, visual, hearing, or psychological disabilities; ADD/ADHD; chronic illnesses; and autism-spectrum, FIT-ABLE provides the ability to attend and to participate in coursework, events, and programming and receive barrier-free accommodations to level the playing field.


Veterans and children of veterans must file a copy of the pertinent separation papers as well as the certificate of eligibility for benefits with the Registration Center (Room B103) at the time of their initial enrollment at the college.

Baccalaureate Level

All students from colleges other than FIT who have been admitted to FIT's baccalaureate degree (BFA or BS) programs must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 60 credits at the upper-division level in residence at FIT.