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HS Fine Arts Course Descriptions

Painting, sculpture, drawing, and printmaking are all avenues of self-expression and creativity for the fine artist. Explore these disciplines as well as careers in the applied arts.

Please note: Not all courses are offered each semester


HFA 022 Drawing for Artists
Learn how to create and compose your drawings like a professional artist. You will explore drawing from observation in and out of the studio. Creatively use shade, line, and color to show dimension space. Assignments will include rendering arranged objects, draped fabrics, furniture, accessories, and interiors. This class will include a sketching trip to a Chelsea gallery, the FIT Museum or Pomerantz Gallery based on seasonal exhibitions.

HFA 023 Basic Observational Drawing
This introductory course can be your passport to the world of perspective and still-life drawing. You'll develop basic observational drawing skills required in most admissions portfolios, working in both black-and-white and color media. Gallery

HFA 024 Basic Life Drawing
Study basic anatomy and proportion as you develop your drawing ability. You'll sketch a live nude model using quick-and extended-study techniques. Gallery

HFA 097 Basic Sculpture
This course introduces you to figurative sculpture focusing on proportion, composition, content, and sensitivity to the subject. You'll complete two projects, working with live nude models. Gallery

HFA 098 Alternative Sculpture Techniques
Diversify your portfolio by creating unique three-dimensional pieces created from sustainable, responsibly sourced and salvaged materials, including found objects, oven-bakeable clay, paper-mache, fabric, and yarn. You'll draw your inspirations from figurative or abstract references sourced from images or actual objects. Add creativity, color, texture and volume to your work while satisfying three-dimensional portfolio requirements.

HFA 141 Cityscapes
The NYC skyline has always inspired artists. Let it spark your creativity as you develop paintings from photos, sketches and on-site observation. When weather permits, you'll work in public spaces like the NY Public Library of 42nd Street and Grand Central Terminal. Your goal is to produce two or three finished paintings during the course. Gallery

HFA 143 Architectural Rendering
Learn how to use basic perspective easily to render architectural styles for buildings and interiors. this class explores the use of one-, two-, and three-point perspectives. Color mixing and color theory are demonstrated through their use within each medium: watercolor, pencil, ink, and mixed-media. Learn how to combine these techniques and media to create portfolio-quality work. Gallery

HFA 144 Intermediate Drawing
Prerequisite: HFA 023 OR HFA 024 OR HFA 143 OR HFA 147
This drawing course introduces the fundamental principles and materials used in drawing from direct observation. For students who have experienced observational drawing, you'll learn more in-depth drawing techniques with emphasis on still-life, interiors, scale, and the human figure. A combination of ink-wash, pencil, charcoal, and color will be explored as you advance your drawing. HFA 144 Gallery

*To waive the prerequisite for course HFA 144 you need to send an email to [email protected] with three examples of your drawings or paintings or combination of both, please make sure to include your full name and the date of birth. Please note that this is an addition to the online registration, which has to be completed by all Precollege students.

HFA 145 Design/Composition/Color Theory
Discover the principles of design and color theory as you create drawings, paintings, and collages. You'll also explore the roles design and color play in fashion, architecture, advertising, fine arts, and graphic, interior, and surface design. HFA 145 Gallery

HFA147  Introduction to Painting
Learn basic painting techniques using water-based media including acrylics, watercolor, and ink. Paint from observation and reference while experimenting with a variety of painting approaches. Projects include a portrait, a scene, and several experimental pieces of your choosing. This course is recommended for students who have basic drawing experience but are beginners to using paint.

HFA 148 Fine Arts Portfolio
Create a first-class portfolio, or perfect your existing portfolio to prepare for college review committees. Develop new skills as you create drawings from live nude models, still lifes, and interiors using perspective drawing techniques. All drawing media are encouraged. The instructor will assess your current work to determine what you need to create or improve upon. Please bring one or more samples of the following to the first class: a portrait, a painting, mixed media, art from your imagination, a contour drawing, and various works from observation. Include both color and black and white examples. You may bring your original works or you can bring photographed images to show the professor.  Gallery

HFA 149 From Gallery to Portfolio: Experiencing Art for Your Own Inspiration
Experiencing an original artwork is invaluable to the creative process. Visit cutting-edge exhibitions at galleries and museums to bring that experience and inspiration to your own work. Learn how to look at and analyze artworks, understand historical concepts and explore the ideas of installation and presentation. In the studio, students use a variety of media to create work inspired by these visits.