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Scenario 1

The faculty member has never taught an online course at FIT and the course has never been offered online before.

Next Steps for the faculty member:

  1. Practice your Blackboard skills. You may sign up for a workshop through the CET. Or use the tutorials available here.
  2. Talk to your chairperson about your interest in teaching online, and decide together which course should be adapted for the online environment. Be sure there will be sufficient demand for the online course, and decide which semester you should teach it in.
  3. Talk to your dean and chair about this plan, and request an e-mail from each stating their approval of your request to teach online.
  4. Read section 21.9 of the contract, which pertains to the Distance Learning Program. Note that the contract requires peer evaluations during your first two semesters of teaching online.
  5. Fill out the online request form through the Office of Online Learning. Priority will be given to courses and faculty that are new to online delivery, to courses that satisfy a school or departmental need or priority, and to courses that fill a general education requirement. Requests are reviewed every February, and faculty members will be notified through e-mail about the status of their request.
  6. Once approval is received from the Office of Online Learning, write an online course statement, explaining how you will adapt this course for the online environment [see guidelines].  Meet with Tamara Cupples, executive director of online learning, to discuss the online course statement; she will help you through the rest of the process.
  7. Get your online course statement approved by the below areas (in this order):
    • your department
    • your school
    • Curriculum Committee (Once your department and school have approved the statement, confirm with Terry Chan at 7-5544 that you will be scheduled for an upcoming Curriculum Committee meeting. Please inform Tamara Cupples when your course is scheduled for Curriculum Committee.)
    • Dean’s Council
  8. Attend a series of training workshops during the semester prior to teaching the course. The Office of Online Learning will keep you informed about the dates for these workshops.
  9. At the end of this training, your course will be certified to “Go Live” by Tamara Cupples. This checklist will be used when certifying your course.
  10. After your course is certified, you will receive a stipend of $2000 for developing a new online course and training to teach online.