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Non-Credit Courses

Below is a list of the non-credit courses FIT offers online. Please note that not all of these courses are offered every semester. For a list of courses offered by semester semester, or if you have questions about any of the non-credit courses, please visit the Center for Continuing and Professional Studies.

CEO 001 Setting a Course for Your Business
Starting a business requires clear conceptions about your product or service, and about yourself. Examine your strengths, weaknesses, desires, and definition of success in order to develop a business description that will guide you through the planning process. Find the perfect name for your business; learn how to obtain licenses, permits, and tax identification numbers; and set up your business as a legal entity.

CEO 002 Knowing Your Market
Who are your customers? How will you get them to buy your product or service and come back for more? Who are your competitors, and how will you differentiate your business from theirs? In this course, you'll find viable answers to these questions, using the array of market research sources available to New Yorkers. You'll use the elements and artistry of pricing, promotion, and location to develop a marketing plan appropriate to your business idea and budget constraints.

CEO 003 Formulating Your Financial Strategy
Forecasting sales for a new business is probably the hardest and most important element of financial planning. This course will guide you through the soundest methods for making sales projections and help you find the critical break-even point. Get the real stories behind banks, loans, grants, private investors, and credit. Required reading: Steps to Small Business Start-Ups, Pinson & Jinett

CEO 011 Fundamentals of Online Retailing
Learn successful strategies for selling online - from the traditional rules of retailing to the specifics of merchandising a product online and optimizing a website for the best sales performance. Course includes evaluation of e-commerce business models.

CEO 030 Social Media Marketing
Prerequisite: CEO 029 or equivalent experience
Is social media marketing mandatory for staying with it or is it just a time waster? How do you use it to grow your business? What is the relationship between your website and your marketing efforts? Your email list? Your social networking sites? This class will help you cut through the clutter and build real connections, online and off, using social media, storytelling, and the ever-changing web.

CEO 035 Licensing
Thinking about licensing? This class provides a comprehensive overview of the process. Learn what can be licensed and how this lucrative business tool could work for you. Understand what goes into a licensing agreement and what is important about each component. Learn how to negotiate a licensing deal and protect your ideas with copyrights, patents, or trademarks.

CTB 052 Product Development with PLM
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has rapidly become one of the hottest technology applications in apparel, accessories, footwear, textiles, and other fashion-related industries. Learn how PLM software can accelerate your product development process with digital asset (image) management, tech pack management, quotation and bid management, sample and production planning and tracking, pre-concept line management, and materials management. In this hands-on course, you will develop, manage, and edit a technically accurate, complete mini-collection in PlmOna comprehensive suite of PLM tools developed specifically for fashion companies.

CTD 100 Illustrator I
Adobe Illustrator is a must for any design professional. Learn to set up a document, create basic illustrations with lines and points, and edit your artwork. Program includes spacing, scaling, rotating graphics, and importing and auto-tracing objects. Creating text paths and aligning text to a circle are also covered. Bring a flash drive or CD to class to save your work.

CTD 110 Illustrator II: Fashion Design
Adobe Illustrator is a great software tool for drawing fashion designs and illustrations. Learn to use this popular vector-based package to create flats and patterns and to incorporate garment details. Bring a flash drive or CD to class to save your work.

CTD 112 Illustrator II: Textiles and Product Development
Prerequisite: CTD 100
Adobe Illustrator is widely used in the textile industry. This hands-on workshop teaches you to apply your Illustrator skills to textile design and product development. Generate drawings for surface and structural design. Create color combinations and colorways for specific target markets.
For online sections only: Students must have Illustrator on their computers by start of online class.

CTD 131 Creating Tech Packs in Illustrator
Prerequisite: CTD 100
This course demonstrates how to make sample tech packs that effectively communicate with sample makers and factories to assure accuracy in the sample making process. Using Adobe Illustrator, you will create custom branded templates and learn how to efficiently convey all the information needed to make a sample. Save time and money by minimizing first sample errors.  Bring a flash drive or CD to class to save your work.

CTD 200 Photoshop I
Prerequisite: CTB 002 or equivalent for Mac sections
This hands-on workshop teaches you how to apply Adobe Photoshop to your photography or print media-related business. Functions and controls of each of the program's major tools are introduced as well as layers, scanning, adjustments, and the principles of file size. 

CTD 361 AutoCAD I
This course moves quickly through the basics of AutoCAD and explores the more advanced commands for the creation of professional two-dimensional construction and presentation drawings.

CTD 362 AutoCAD II
Prerequisite: CTD 361
Use your own project to brush up your skills and implement the commands learned in Part I. Use AutoCAD efficiently to create, view, manage, plot, share, and reuse accurate, information-rich drawings.

CTD 381 Revit I
In this hands on class you will be taken step by step through the process of drawing a building learning each Revit tool as needed. The course will cover building elements such as walls, columns, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, stairs. You will also learn dimensioning, annotation tools and page setup. Class is PC based.

CTD 430 3D Modeling: Rhino I
Prerequisite: CTD 429 or equivalent experience
Rhinoceros is one of the foremost applications used to create three-dimensional models for prototyping, in jewelry design and other industries, and to create mechanical drawings and layouts. This first course will cover two-dimensional digital drawing and drafting. Class exercises will include jewelry-related material.

CTD 431 3D Modeline: Rhino II
Prerequisite: CTD 430
This course will build on Rhino modeling fundamentals, with students progressing on to three-dimensional surface and solid modeling. Class exercises will include jewelry-related material.

CTD 432 3D Modeling: Rhino III
Prerequisite: CTD 431
This course continues to focus on the creation of three-dimensional surfaces and solids. Students learn how to create, manipulate, and edit three-dimensional objects for the making of models. Class exercises include jewelry-related material. 

CTD 525Interactive Design for Tablets and Smart Phones
This hands-on workshop demonstrates how to effectively create content for e-publishing platforms (iPad, iTunes, Amazon Kindle). Utilizing the tools of the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign) you'll learn to size and create interactive content for the new media. This is a great course for anyone looking to independently publish of find employment in this new publishing area. 

CTD 600 Web Design: XHTML
Given the high-level website development tools available to create web content today, does it make any sense to learn how to make websites by hand, the old-fashioned way, using nothing but a text editor? Yes it does. Learn the system of tags (syntax) needed to make a web page and you will be able to use programs like Dreamweaver more effectively, create pages with any text editor, and build sites that are easy to update quickly.

CTD 702 Creating an iPhone App
With the growing popularity of the iPhone and iPad many traditional businesses are rushing to get a share of the gold rush. If you want to start a small business or already have one, this course will add a powerful tool to promote your ideas. This is an intuitive hands-on workshop to learn how to create and sell your own iPhone and iPad small business apps. Come to class with app ideas and leave with a functioning app and the knowledge needed to build more on your own!

SUS 001 Introduction to Sustainability
Students will leave this class with in-depth knowledge of the history of sustainability and be up to date on the most current sustainability thinking (including the understanding that such knowledge is ever-evolving). Both practical and conceptual issues will be discussed with the goal of developing sustainable practices in our daily and professional lives. Absorb the vocabulary, bust the myths and learn how your design skills and creativity can contribute to a sustainable future.

SUS 002 The Sustainable Organization
More and more businesses, non-profits and governmental agencies are announcing that they are going green. What does this mean? Should a sustainable organization be held to some set of standards? What certifications have been established? Are there guiding principles to help you develop sustainable business structures and processes? To be green must we keep an eye on our vendors, make demands on our customers or our landlords? Can we afford it? So many questions! Get some answers.

SUS 007 Product Lifecycle
Learn how to apply sustainability objectives during each phase of the product lifecycle, from the design, materials, manufacturing, distribution, consumer care through to the end of life disposal of the product. Explore the current challenges, strategies and innovative practices within sustainable fashion, understanding how to take responsibility for the social and environmental implications at each stage in the garment’s lifecycle.

SUS 021 Sustainable Building Practices
Renovations, Reuse and the Future of Materials: Sustainable interiors are integrally tied to a building’s characteristics. This course will explore goals and methods of green design for buildings, from rehabs and renovations to new construction. Students will learn the key tenets of ecodesign and how they impact considerations and decisions for interiors including material selection, finishes, indoor air quality, lighting and plumbing as well as LEED criteria.

SUS 032 Sustainable Design Technology
In this course you will explore how technology assists in reducing textile cycle times and applications to trim the waste in fashion from farm to retail. Sustainable sourcing and the technologies used in the Shima Seiki whole garment process through to retail sales strategies will be highlighted for knitwear, menswear, women's wear, accessories, and home products. Discussions will include the benefits of alternative sustainable fibers with a focus on opportunities in alpaca fleece. 

SUS 040 OL1 Sustainable Product Development
This class traces the steps for sustainable product design taking into consideration cultural, social and environmental principles. The class explores the context and opportunity for sustainable product development while embarking on a design journey following the steps to design from sustainability as the primary value and goal. Students will understand what sustainable product development means, what are its principles and steps.

SXB 250 New World Brand Building: Social Media Applications and Impact
Are you with a company rushing to get into it or afraid not to? Have you seen or experienced well crafted and heavily financed marketing strategies negatively impacted by a lone stealth blogger? This program lays out all the phases of social media, what it is and how to use it logically and effectively. Get direction on how to implement and leverage popular social media to foster brand devotion and produce content relevant to stimulate your customer relationships. Program features  how to integrate social media marketing with offline strategies and traditional media plans. Information on brand risk management and the skill sets necessary to building social media initiatives and staff are included.

SXD 625 Fashion Design for Pet Apparel
Redirect your design and sewing skills into one of today's fastest growing markets fashion-inspired pet clothing. From bulldogs to American bobtails, pets are strutting designer stuff and owners are vying for best-dressed awards for their four-legged family members. This hands-on workshop starts with an introduction to body forms, functional needs, and a seasonal fabric guide. Ease of dressing and safety tips are considered in relation to T-shirts, winter coats, and couture ensembles. Learn how to create your own garments using sketches and get tips for developing a line and prospering in this exciting field. 

SXE 100 Introduction to Fashion Publicity and Events Planning
Prerequisites: Online section is only for students pursuing the Image Consulting online certificate.
Are you a freelance specialist or an executive responsible for promotional events? This intensive program teaches you how to formulate media plans for topnotch participatory experiences to promote products, services, and events. Learn how the tools of publicity are used in experiential marketing. Program includes budgets and tips on how to formulate and direct promotional needs in order to coordinate special events for yourself or your clients.

SXE 111 Introduction to Fashion Publicity and Events Planning for Image Consulting Students
Prerequisite: This section is only for students in the Image Consulting online certificate who have successfully completed SXI 100
This program has been developed specifically to the needs of Image Consultants responsible for fashion-related events. This intensive program teaches you how to formulate media plans for topnotch participatory experiences to promote products, services and events. Learn how the tools of publicity are used in experiential marketing. Program includes tips on how to formulate and direct promotional needs in order to coordinate special events for yourself or your clients.

SXF 120 Blog for Fashion Business
Are you or your business blogging?  Internet savvy individuals learn practical steps to build, manage and strategically leverage your business blog into a key branding channel in this hands-on workshop conducted by our digital solutions expert. Discover how to increase readership, subscriptions and engagement with target followers and make blogging the hub of your social media master plan. Take away the ability to create a blog that truly resonates with your audience, plus tips on content management and updates , as well as how to promote to build a following and accurately measure effectiveness.

SXF 140 Using Social Networking, Blogging and Fashion Digital Marketing for Product Development
Yes, the fashion industry is leading the social networking evolution as a means of connecting new trends and customers. Learn how online communities from Facebook to Linked-in to Tumblr to Twitter allow you to communicate the fashion landscape. Discover how to leverage social networks transforming them into social commerce opportunities. Hands-on activities include creation of effective social network content, learning about frequency, relevancy and tagging as well as how to develop and manage a Blog for your fashion interest. Special attention will be given to effective research methods. leading topic selection, value added content as well as how to leverage successful blogs to attract advertising income.

SXF 215 Ultimate Merchandising: Fashion Design Line Development Workshop  
This hands-on Seventh Ave "real world" workshop concentrates on how to take a design concept and work it into a salable multiple piece minimum collection. Experience how successful designers use color and fabrication, rework best performers, introduce newness, and develop "runner" promotional pieces. Program includes how to group styles, work with key retail account demands, and monitor success at point of sale. Bolster your creative genius with the critical commercial skills to impress retail buyers, build customer recognition and advance your design career. Takeaway portfolio quality tearsheets with color stories, swatches, and illustrations.

SXF 240 The Complete Guide to Global Sourcing
If you've recently begun a career in private label or product development, this workshop can strengthen your sourcing decision-making, plus give you an up-to-the-minute understanding of the world marketplace. Program covers all variables to be considered in relation to the bottom line, such as costing, tracking, and quality control for both the manufacture of textiles and finished products. The key issues of speed-to-market, codes of conduct and compliance, and quick response are covered, as well as how to analyze which factories to use. Thinking proactively to solve problems is reviewed and creating realistic plans for on-time, well-made goods is stressed.

SXF 300 Secrets from a Professional Shopper
Do you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear and no time to shop? This practical workshop teaches professional techniques to manage your wardrobe. Learn to develop a varied, self-enhancing way of dress that fits within your budget and lifestyle. Eliminate shoppers anxiety and costly mistakes by getting inside tips on how and where to shop for the best values. Discover how you can look like a million without spending a fortune. Highly beneficial for consultants, as well as for personal planning.

SXF 315 Online Shopping Sites:  Who's Who, Who's New and Who Does It Best
More and more online shopping sites crop up every day but how do you keep track of them and where are you best off spending your time and money?  Find out from our expert personal shopper and ecommerce merchant which sites provide the best service, selection, assortments, ease of shopping and return policies to suit your needs.  Learn about site tracking and comparison features, resources helpful to those with professional competitive needs and those looking for alternatives to brick-and-mortar shopping.  Attention is given to new and veteran pureplayers, as well as to omni-channel merchants, and includes bloggers and other online information services.

SXF 400 Fashionspeak: How to Get What You Want, When You Need It
In the fast-changing fashion business, having the right vocabulary to describe trends, garments, and modern production techniques increases your professionalism and improves your ability to get the look and quality you expect. This program will teach you how to use correct terminology. Learn to describe silhouettes and details for product development and computer applications through visits to The Museum at FIT, a private label manufacturer, a computer design service, and exploring design and color forecasting industry websites. Highly recommended for marketers, merchandisers, product developers, fashion media, and financial industry personnel in need to communicate in the lingo of the fashion trades. Online course replicates visits through web based resources. 

SXF 610 The Great Designers
What better way to gain insight into key designers than through a combination of lectures and examinations of actual garments from the costume collection of The Museum at FIT? Discover how important fashion trends influence lifestyle and dress. Gain a greater understanding of fashion influences and important designer trademarks.

SXF 725 Expert Fashion Trend Online Research for Line Planning
Fashion trend research is available and affordable on the internet if you know how to find it and how to focus your searches. If presently you are navigating through a sea of images and sorting through myriads of reports and articles learn to get just what you need fast! See tools like the Forecast Timeline, Runway Color Tracker, Forecasting, Trend Watch, webinars and others. Find out how to construct your own mood boards and story boards using the latest online tools. Experience what virtual shopping is like in cities around the world, as well as fashion market events, all without leaving your desk chair.

SXF 810 Color for Wardrobe Planning
Whether your need is professional or personal, this practical color intensive leads you down the path to professional wardrobe planning. Experience how working image consultants, personal shoppers, and designers use color to express concepts and build cohesive garment groupings. Learn to use the essentials of color harmony and fabrication usage as the building blocks of an effective wardrobe. Explore the messages sent of various color harmonies, and the emotional and social responses color choices evoke. Complete a wardrobe plan for a prototype client or customer incorporating personal style, personality, comfort, and goals.

SXG 610 The Great Costume Designers
It is an undisputed fact that the costume designers role is the key to character recognition and definition as portrayed on film or on stage within a few minutes of viewing. What would Annie Hall, Holly Golighly, Eliza Dolitte, Gordan Gekko, or the Sugar Plum Fairy be without their clothes? Just as there are great fashion designers, there are great costume designers whose work is celebrated for its contributions to the movies, theatre, and dance. Gain an appreciation for who these geniuses are and the wonderful characters they've brought to life. Explore the impact of costume artists such as Edith Head, William Ivy Long, Cecil Beatan, Colleen Atwood, Catherine Zuber, and Sandy Powel, to name a few, in this enlightening and entertaining workshop.

SXI 100 Introduction to Image Consulting
Capitalize on your fashion industry experience and education by learning the basics of image consulting in this in-depth technical program. Course of study includes color, line, and visual principles. Analyzing the human figure and face is stressed. Hair, makeup, and skin care information is covered. The class is highly interactive and attendees complete reading and work assignments.

SXI 200 Image Consulting II: Wardrobe, Makeup, and Hair
Prerequisite: SXI 100
This program provides a step-by-step education in the basics of women's and men's fashion styles, including fabric identification, garment details, and silhouettes. Wardrobe and accessory analysis is included, and personal shopping and image consulting business methods are explored. This class is highly interactive and attendees complete reading and work assignments.

SXI 300 Image Consulting III: Business Essentials for Success
Prerequisites: SXI 100 and SXI 200
Learn the practical side of freelancing and entrepreneurship in this exciting field as you develop the skills necessary for the business of image. Lectures explain how to set up and market your own business and develop a mission statement and business plan. Also discussed is how to attract new clients and cater to the ones you already have. Workshop includes class projects, home assignments, and role-play situations that emphasize client service development.

SXI 500 Fashion Essentials for Image Consultants
Specially formatted for students working toward earning an Image Consulting Professional Development Certificate online, this program concentrates on fashion industry know-how, vocabulary, and correct terminology. Begin with how fashion functions from the role of the designer and manufacturer to the world of retail. Learn to discover clothing details and give fabrication advice correctly. Use your new found language and knowledge to instill client confidence. For Online Image Consulting certificate students or anyone in need of an introduction to trade lingo.

SXL 480 Intimate/Swim Market Forecasting, Planning, and Sustainable Sourcing
Learn the essentials of market analysis, forecasting, and production planning specific to the intimates and swimwear businesses. Also covered is costing development in relation to domestic or overseas sourcing and how volume affects price. Find out why sustainable sourcing requires factory compliance to answer major retailers’ social responsibility agendas. Learn the tools for sustainable factory evaluation to choose the best production facilities for intimate and swimwear production.

SXM 200 Photography: For Self-Expression or Profit
If your photos aren't capturing important moments the way you hoped they would, this introductory photography course is for you. Learn the techniques, step by step, for turning ordinary pictures into works of art. Become knowledgeable about cameras, lenses, and the elements that go into creating a great photograph. Using either film or digital capture, you will be better able to understand what you can realistically accomplish with the equipment you own. Learn how to upgrade and use photographic equipment professionally. Through actual photo shoots and critiquing, improve composition while maximizing light and texture. Includes tips on selling your images.

SXM 405 Fashion Show Production Basics for Freelancers
Freelance eventers, image consultants, and fashion stylists expand your business services to local retailers, malls, and non-profits by learning the fundamentals of professional fashion show production. Discover how to produce an exciting theatrical show with a proper presentation of clothing and accessories on live models. Information includes how to pick a theme, plan, select professional or volunteer models, and pull merchandise, set up the back-of-show, stage the event and execute it. Course-work requires you to present a show concept through an iMovie format.

SXM 410 Bridal Consulting and Wedding Planning
If you have events planning and image consulting know-how, why not consider bridal consulting and wedding planning as a career? This dynamic program starts by defining the roles, duties, and services required to dress and assist the bride and bridal party and coordinate services and receptions. Whether it's getting the perfect dress and fit; keeping the bride calm, beautiful, and on track; or recommending and getting along with caterers, bakers, florists, and photographers, every aspect of assisting with a wedding is included. Proper wedding etiquette is reviewed, and various wedding styles and their resulting budgets are covered. Handling sticky situations with ease and grace is discussed, and how to set fees and charge for your services is stressed.

SXN 200 Custom Brokers License Exam Preparation Course
This 16-week specialized training course, taught by a U.S. Licensed Customs Broker, is designed for individuals who plan to take the U.S. Customs Brokers License Exam. Acquiring a U.S. Customs Brokers License is strategically advantageous for anyone in an international trade career path and is an asset when competing for management positions in international trade departments and global manufacturing, customs brokers firms, or global transportation companies. While studying the chapters in the U.S. Customs Regulations Text and the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS) Text, learn about the various import regulations enforced by the U.S. government, including country of origin, required documentation, valuation, duty drawback, tariff classification, markings, entry summary procedures, broker’s responsibilities, tariff preference programs and much more. Practice exams are administered and reviewed in detail during class meetings. Students learn unique techniques to utilize their time more efficiently while taking the Customs Brokers License Exam.
Required: The latest editions of the HTSUS Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States and U.S. Customs Regulations CFR 19 (approximately $200 each). Do not purchase prior to first class discussion about affordable alternatives.

SXN 450 Design Concepts for Events Master Class Workshop
If you are new to the exciting world of event planning, including weddings, creating a stellar signature design concept is what will set you apart from others and position you to attract more clients. This dynamic program helps you select the best colors and fabrics suitable for ceiling drape, backdrops, table linens, chair decor and accents and at the same time meet notable event pros, suppliers and party planners who share their own concepts and insider secrets. Students create a digital mood board to use as a planning tool. Easy decorative techniques such as printing on fabric and creating decorative accents with paper and fabric are included. By the end of this program, you'll have a signature design concept ready to pitch to a client.

SXP 100 Design and Product Development Technology Made Easy
Get up-to-date knowledge on the evolving computer solutions for designing, developing, and producing fashion products to achieve speed to market. Program covers design research, CAD, color management, design research and technical design technology used in both fashion and textile product development and manufacturing, both popular and innovative. Make yourself more valuable in the marketplace as you increase your ability to strategically analyze software integration efficiency and investment.
Instructor: Holly Henderson, adjunct assistant professor, Textile Surface Design, apparel/textile design and manufacturing hardware and software consultant.

SXP 600 Introduction to Technical Design for Apparel Manufacturing and Sourcing
If you're a professional in manufacturing or a retail company involved in apparel product development, your success depends on sell-through garments that fit and satisfy the customer. Perfect your technical skills by mastering elements associated with proper fit techniques, construction, and quality standards. Improve how you communicate within the global fashion marketplace, learning succinct, industry-specific terminology. Learn to establish quality specifications for apparel prototypes, requiring minimal fit adjustments after sample submission. Reducing the high cost of repeated sample submits with a shorter lead time and a faster cycle is stressed. Recommended for patternmakers, designers, and product developers looking to develop more effective work methods.

SXR 011 Retail Math: Gross Margin Analysis
This online program provides an in-depth study of the most important measurement in any retail operation: gross margin. Gain a thorough understanding of the financial tools used in making gross margin calculations. Learn ways to analyze, improve, and negotiate gross margin through discussion and market-relevant problem solving. Program content is useful for both retail and manufacturing executives.

SXS 100 Introduction to Fashion Styling 
If you have a strong visual sense and an aptitude for working with color and proportion, consider becoming a fashion stylist, creating visual solutions for publications, media, and entertainment events. This course provides an in-depth study of the stylist's role in print and interactive media, with an emphasis on fashion and home fashion. The actual work and responsibilities of the assistant stylist and stylist from shopping and prepping merchandise to working with models and layouts are covered. The specifics of styling professionalism are taught. Program is highly interactive, with work assignments. Some additional expenses required.  

SXT 510 The Out of Towner's On-line Guide to Vintage Shopping
Do you have a passion and longing for vintage but getting to NYC is difficult? With a little FIT guidance you can take advantage of your local vintage and re-sale shops, flea markets and on-line resources with confidence. Program begins with a quick historical guide to enable you to date and identify the age of apparel and accessory items, and recognize designer and label names from bygone eras. Find out how to negotiate on price. Get an introduction to Internet shopping from vintage e-tailers and resources. Participate electronically in examining clothes, accessories and collectibles. Shop a local store of your choice with your new found information and report back on your experiences in on-line discussions. Program requires use of a digital camera.