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FIT's Sustainability Council Awards Grants


The following members of the FIT community received Sustainability Grants for the 2010-11 academic year. Grants totaling$15,000 will be awarded annually as part of FIT's sustainability initiative, "FIT Goes Green: Infusing Sustainability into our Culture," established by President Joyce F. Brown in 2009.

Teaching Sustainability: A Cross Disciplinary Outreach by Karen Pearson and Elaine Maldonado. This project will expand and maximize the benefits of FIT's National Science Foundational Award and better the greater FIT community by 1) providing professional development for faculty seeking to infuse sustainability into the curriculum, 2) expanding the campus conversation on sustainability and 3) serving as a model for future activities at FIT, as well as at other institutions.

Green Studio Initiative by Laura Pineda, Brian Weissman and Sarah Abramson. This project will lead to a smaller environmental footprint in the Jewelry Design studios at FIT. This grant will be used to implement changes in the studio that will reduce waste, recycle materials, limit the amount of chemicals used in the studio, and invite subject matter experts to educate the students and faculty on sustainable studio practices. These changes will educate our students in ethical practices that can be put to use in their personal studios in the future.

Building a Sustainable Design Resource: Partnering on the Next Generation of FIT Library Research Guides by MaryAnn Sorensen Allacci. This project will build on the 2009 Sustainable Design Resource Guide collaboration with the FIT Library. This grant will be used to 1) identify existing sustainability initiatives and personnel in FIT departments as contacts for the LibGuides resource site; (2) identify additional or new proprietary and free access resources pertaining to specific programs in design needing information on relevant sustainability issues; (3) create social networking and other active links to the LibGuides site to broaden and increase access to materials and types of media links available to the site, and (4) promote the availability of the research guide.