Current FIT Residents FAQ

1. What are the requirements for students living on-campus for the summer?
To qualify for summer housing, you must:

  • be a resident in the halls for Spring 2020
  • pay for the entire summer housing program at time of application

2. How do I submit my payment?
You must pay by credit card upon submission of the application.

3. When do I move to my summer assignment?
All Current FIT residents will be required to move to a new summer assignment by Thursday, May 21 at 4pm. However, some residents will be required to move earlier than May 21 and must move by the deadline provided by Residential Life. All residents will remain in their spring room until they are notified their summer room is ready and will be required to move by the time provided by Residential Life. No exceptions.

4. Can I move into my Fall 2020 assignment during summer?
Every effort will be made to assign you into your fall assignment for summer. Residents may be required to move during the summer.

5. Can I switch rooms during the summer?
No. There are no room switches over the summer session.

6. Can I keep my belongings in my fall room between summer and fall?
You must be accepted at Kaufman Hall for Summer 2020 AND Fall 2020 to keep your belongings in your room. Eligible residents will be notified via email.

7. Do I have to be enrolled in Summer class?
No. The only requirement is that you are a Spring 2020 resident and pay for the cost of Summer Housing. All residents will be reassigned to their summer room.

8. Will a roommate be placed in my room?
Yes. If you do not have a roommate one will be assigned to you. During the summer, FIT opens its Residence Halls to outside groups and Non-FIT students.  You may be paired with a roommate who is not an FIT student.

9. What happens if I am found in violation of occupying more than my assigned space?
Those who occupy more than their assigned space will be charged for a single. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

10. Is there a fee for overnight guests, and am I allowed extended overnight visitors?
Residents are charged $10.00 for each overnight guest. There is no extended visitation during summer recess periods. All other overnight visitation rules and regulations apply. See resident handbook. All overnights must be pre-registered. Overnight visitation will begin on May 26.

11. Is the cafeteria opened during the summer sessions?
No. Check out the FIT neighborhood for places to eat and purchase groceries.

12.  Is alcohol allowed in the residence halls?
FIT is a dry campus. Alcohol and/or drugs are prohibited. This includes alcohol or drug paraphernalia. See resident handbook.