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FALL RETURN 2021:   Find details about FIT’s full return to campus for fall classes.

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MakerMinds Space

Computer Labs in the Library including MakerMinds Space will reopen on August 30th, the first day of Fall 2021 semester  (updated 8/19/21)

MakerMinds Space (formerly ARL - Art Resources Lab) is located on the 6th floor of the Library in E620 and available to all students at FIT and provides an open space for artwork enlargement, projection, and documentation of artwork by photography.

It is a self service lab: the lab itself, the equipment setup there, as well as equipment available for check out is for students to use as a self service. There is no in depth assistance available - written instructions are available in ARL, and tutorials for equipment can be found on the  How-To's and Procedures page

Equipment set up in the space:

Copy Stand TutorialCopy Stand tutorial

Large Format Paper Trimmer TutorialLarge Paper Trimmers tutorial

Light Table TutorialLight Tables tutorial ELMO Projector tutorialElmo Presenter & Projector

Artograph Prism TutorialsArtograph Prism tutorial

Photography Rack TutorialPhotography Rack tutorial

Dragonsframe 4 Stop Motion Animation Software tutorialStopmotion Animation Software tutorial

Student Workstations available in ARLMakerMinds Space Workstations

Impact Boom Studio Light Kit tutorialPhotography Lighting tutorial

Overhead Projector tutorialOverhead Projector tutorial

Mystudio tabletop object photography tutorialMyStudio Product Photography Kit tutorial

Cintiq Interactive Display tutorialWacom Cintiq Tablet tutorial

Haptic Touch Stylus tutorial3D Systems Haptic Touch Stylus

Next Engine 3D scanner tutorialNext Engine 3D scanner tutorial 

Equipment available for check-out from the Access Services Desk on the 5th floor of the Library:

Diffusion Umbrellas

Diffuser Umbrellas for Photography

Bogen Tripod

Bogen Tripod

Cullman Tripod

Cullman Tripod

Savage Lighting System

Savage Studio Lighting System 

Canon Rebel T6 tutorial

Canon Rebel T6 camera tutorial

Nikon 3300 photocamera tutorial

Nikon 3300 camera tutorial

Cintiq Pen Stylus

Cintiq Pen Stylus

Circular Reflector

Circular Reflectors

Xuma Phone Mount

Xuma Phone Mount

Artograph Impression 1400 tutorial

Artograph Impression 1400 tutorial