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Dragonframe 4 Stop-motion tutorial

Dragonframe 4 is a Stop-motion animation software that is available for student use in the ARL. Being paired with a specialied keypad (shown below), Dragonframe 4 is a quick and simple software.

Image of ARL Dragonframe Stopmotion Controller: DSMK01 Keyboard. It describes the keyboard's properties such as a 10ft. cord for easy positioning, allowing the user to stand near the work and not the computer, key features binded to the keyboard and is included with the software.full-sized keys and high quality build. A raised locator nub on the step-forward key, rugged two tone, screen printed keys that inclue number for remote data entries with functions like "Cut Back".Highlights No hubs (low power user) Allowing for more connection options. Imaghe from ZED

Tutorial videos created by Dragonframe show the basics of the software's usage. For more in-depth tutorials, there are numerous lessons available for free on the Dragonframe Tutorials Page here.