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About ITDP


James Pearce, Emerging Technologies and ITDP Manager

Jana Duda

Retired 9/1/2020 -- Jana C. Duda, Library Technology Resources Manager
Jana joined the library in 1987. She is responsible for Library Technology, FITDIL (FIT Digital Image Library), PrintFX, which serves as the digital printing center on campus, and the FabLab (Fabrication Lab). Jana graduated with honors from the University of South Florida with a fine arts degree with a concentration in photography and sculpture. She is also an adjunct instructor in the Photography department specializing in Photoshop courses and has done free-lance work as a digital photo-Illustrator, digital re-toucher and as a digital resources consultant. Jana has exhibited her photography in the United States, Europe and South America. She was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is fluent in Portuguese. 

  Richard Grauer, User Services Assistant, Library Technology Services
Richard joined the library in 1998. He has a Novell Network Administration and Network Engineer certification, a Lucent Certified Cabling certificate and an A+ Computer Repair and Maintenance Training certificate from Island Drafting and Technical Institute and Wilson Technological Center. Richard worked for three years in the retail computer sector, building and repairing computers and software, before coming to work at the FIT Library. He started his adventures in computing in 1982 with a professional Sanyo MBC-1150, running the CP/M OS and helped his family attempt to create a paperless office for their business.
Simona J Simona Jankauskaite, Technology Resources Assistant, Library Technology Services
Simona joined the Library in 2009. She coordinates and supports technology services. Simona graduated from FIT with her BFA in computer animation and interactive media, and graduated with an MLIS from Queens College in 2014.   
Nicholas M Nicholas Martucci, Technology Associate, Library Technology Services
Nick joined the Library in 2017. He supports the Library with its IT needs, as well as PrintFx and FabLab, where he provides laser cutting and 3D printing support and services. Nick graduated from SUNY University Albany with a BS in Informatics, concentrating in interactive user experience and focused on developing websites, generating graphic designs and creating flow in user interations within apps and related technologies. Previously Nick has worked at CMRubinWorld and Liberteks.com.

FIT Digital Image Library (FITDIL) Members 

Alessandro C Alessandro Casagli, FITDIL Photographer, Library Technology Services
Alessandro joined the library in 2012. He captures content for FIT's Digital Image Library (FITDIL). Alessandro graduated from the Nobel Institute in Salerno, Italy with a BA in accounting. After founding one of the first Italian internet service providers and leading the graphic design department of a Europe-wide distribution company, he moved to the United States to finally follow his passion for photography. Prompted by his insatiable desire to learn, and the experience gained assisting internationally renowned photographers, Alessandro is able to provide his clients with professional and high quality photographic images. Alessandro is fluent in Italian, English and Spanish.
Hiroko S Hiroko Suda, FITDIL Technician, Library Technology Services
Hiroko joined the library in 2013. She describes and organizes content for FITDIL. Hiroko holds a BA in English from Kanda University of International Studies in Japan, an MA in Art History from the City College of New York and an MLS with a Certificate in Archives and Preservation of Cultural Materials from Queens College. She previously worked at the City College of New York Art Visual Resources Library as a Visual Resources Library Associate. In her spare time, she enjoys tennis, knitting, and playing the piano.