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Innovative Technology and Digital Production

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Why are my photos green? Ask Us!
PrintFX / FabLab - Need Help? Let's Chat

PrintFX / FabLab & Tech teams are here to support you! 

Send us your questions to [email protected] regarding:

  • Fabrication - 3D Modeling, Laser Cutting

  • Photography

  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat

  • General PrintFX or Technology questions

We will get back to you with an answer, and if more information is needed we will set up time for a short chat or demo session.

Please note that we are not able to accept inquiries from non-FIT affiliated Gmail accounts due to privacy restrictions.

We look forward to connecting with you! 

Department Information

The Innovative Technology and Digital Production (ITDP) unit within FIT's Information Technology division is responsible for serving the FIT community in several areas such as maintaining student Computer Labs, providing Digital Printing and Fabrication services on campus, and organizing workshops and events. 

Department Head, James Pearce | Pomerantz D524

  • FRS - Faculty Research Services, 
  • ITDP - Innovative Technology and Digital Production: 
    • PrintFX / FabLab
    • LTUS - Library Technology User Services (ARL and MakerMinds)
    • FITDIL - FIT Digital Image Library 

PrintFX and FabLab

Pomerantz Center, 5th Fl, D529A   |  (212) 217-5470

Provides high quality digital printing and fabrication services, such as 3D printing, laser cutting, and vinyl cutting to the FIT community.

FITDIL - FIT Digital Image Library 

Goodman Center, E413   |   (212) 217-4378

FITDIL photographs student work and exhibits around the campus, as well as collects digitized visual teaching materials, and Library collections. FITDIL assists in creating and revising the accompanying metadata, and prepares these digital materials for viewing in our FITDIL database

LTUS - Library Technology User Services  

Goodman Center, E409   |   (212) 217-4379

Provides support to the FIT community of Library technology users, and are responsible for operations of Student Computer Labs within the Library. ARL and MakerMinds events are supported by LTUS as well.

ARL - Art Resources Lab

Goodman Center, 6th Fl, E620  |  (212) 217-4379

The ARL provides an open space for artwork enlargement and projection, documentation of artwork by photography, and is available to all students at FIT

MakerMinds Events

Goodman Center, 6th Fl, E620

[email protected] or [email protected]

In collaboration with the Library, ITDP organizes MakerMinds events focusing on emerging and innovative technologies and possibilities to adapt and apply these technologies within FIT.