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Services for Faculty

The library as a whole and individual units offer services and materials to support classroom faculty and our shared goals.
Research and Instructional Services / Circulation, Periodicals and Acquisitions / Faculty Liaison program

Our Research and Instructional Services unit supports Information Literacy and provides research assistance for students and faculty. Take advantage of these services and resources to get your students research ready.

Our Circulation, Periodicals and Acquisitions  units offer a range of services that provide support for the curriculum and access to research materials.

Our Faculty Liaison Program provides a dialogue between librarians and classroom faculty by defining a primary contact within the Library for each academic department, advocating for increased support for the curriculum, collaborating in support of curricular initiatives, promoting library services and resources to the FIT community, and informing the collection development needs in subject areas. In other words, if you have a question or need related to the library contact your Liaison. See brochure for contact list.

The FIT Digital Image Library (FITDIL) is an internet-based digital repository database of approximately 66,000 digital images intended for both research and instructional use by FIT students and faculty. For questions regarding FITDIL and its use in the classroom, contact Jana Duda, Technology Services Manager, 212 217.4375.