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Online Ordering


Step 1: Download a pdf print order form below. Save to your local computer drive. Open it using Adobe Acrobat Pro* or Adobe Acrobat Reader*. Complete & save it. Go to steps 2 & 3 below.

 Online ordering step 1

Laser print order form           Inkjet sheet order form selection           Inkjet poster order form selection          Budget poster order form selection         Specialty Media Prints           fabric prints

*Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Pro.            *Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader


Steps 2 & 3: Organize your files for upload and choose On-campus or Off-campus online submission:

  • On campus submission:  Connect to Google drive, https://drive.google.com.  Go to Drive / New / File Upload / Choose completed form. Share to: <pfxorder@fitnyc.edu>. Choose "Send". Next, send your files by placing them into a folder labeled with your name & date. Connect to the GFX100 server via Mac or PC. For Mac, on your desktop, click on "Go", then "Connect to Server" & type "smb://fs-c108-02/gfx100" in the text box & then click "Connect". Go back to your desktop & click on the GFX100 icon to access the GFX server. Drag your folder into the GFX100 server. For PC, on your desktop, click on icon that reads "Connect to Class Share". In the dialog box that pops up, type in GFX100. Hit "Ok". You are now connected!
  • Off campus submission: Move files & completed order form into a folder labeled with your name. Zip* folder. Connect to Google drive, https://drive.google.com. Go to "My Drive", select "Upload folder". Share to <pfxorder@fitnyc.edu>. Send.


Step 2 online ordering 
*Follow these links for directions on how to zip a folder on a  Mac or PC


  Step 3 online ordering
*Link to connect to Gmail here 

Turnaround times:

  • Same day: Job received before 1:00pm, same day service.
  • 24 hour: Job received after 1:00pm, 24 hrs. We'll notify you if your job's completed sooner than 24 hrs.
  • Rush: Must speak directly to PrintFX staff for approval.  We will not honor a rush if you indicate it on your order form, via email or voicemail. Rush service may be altered or suspended at any time from November through December and April through May, without notice, due to an inability to meet an increased demand of services. Please plan accordingly.
  • Turnaround time changes if your file has errors and/or additional information is needed for PrintFX to complete it.

Payment: Due at time of pickup. Students with unpaid jobs left at PrintFX for 3 weeks or longer will have a hold placed on their student account.

Problems: If you're having difficulty with online ordering, please drop off your order at PrintFX. If you received a response from us indicating there's a problem with your order, call us or stop by during open hours.

Departments: If paying using a budget transfer form, online ordering is not available. Please use PrintFX's service desk.

Students, Faculty & Staff: Online ordering is recommended for experienced users who are familiar with completing PrintFX's paper order forms, emailing zipped (compressed) files, etc.

Confirmation email responses: Non-automated & sent by staff during open hours. Please call at that time if inquiring about this confirmation.

Other services: Drop off orders for color copies, large format b&w copies, 3D printing, laser cutting, vinyl cutting & bookbinding at PrintFX's service desk. 

Services & Pricing: Need help deciding on a service? Please click here to download our Services & Pricing.pdf form