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FIT Exhibitions by PrintFX / FabLab

PrintFX fabric display in the Library showcase

Designing On Fabric: Fabric design by FIT students
August 29, 2017 through August 28, 2018

 Fablab laser cutting student showcase

Caution When Creating - Laser Cut Work By FIT Students: Fablab showcase
featuring student laser cutting work.
August 29, 2016 through August 28, 2017


PrintFX & Fablab library showcase

PrintFX / Fablab - Digital Printing, 3D Printing, Laser Cutting & More: Showcase
featuring all the services offered by PrintFX / Fablab.
August 29, 2016 through September 28, 2017


Diversity Council sponsored show called Impactful language 

Impactful Language: Sponsored by the Diversity Council. Featuring faculty,
students & staff.
August 29, 2016 through September 29, 2016

 Invisible Nomad exhibit

Invisible Nomads of the Himalayas: A Life Caught in Turmoil
In collaboration with Alexander Papakonstadinou, Omar Kabeer, Souzeina
Mushtag & Trupal Pandya. Sponsored by the School of Art & Design
February 9, 2016 through February 26, 2016

Cultural Spheres exhibit
The Museum at FIT & FIT Diversity Council: Cultural Spheres
January 24, 2015 through March 23, 2015

Library and interior design exhibit
The Gladys Marcus Library & Interior Design Department
August 18, 2014 through October 3, 2014

VPED exhibit
VPED Window Display: Suspended cardboard figures laser cut by PrintFX / Fablab
April 2014

Ethiopia  exhibit printed by PrintFX
Ethiopia: Photo Students Trupal Pandya & Alexander Papakonstantinou
March 2014

Photo club show pic
Photo Club
Summer 2013

BFA show
BFA Photo Show
November 2012

Photo club exhibit
Photo Club
September 2012

Different and the Same exhibit

Different and the Same: FIT Community Photo Portraits
January 27, 2012 through April 23, 2012

Rose Hartman exhibit
Incomparable Women of Style:
Selections from the Rose Hartman Photography Archives, 1977-2011
November 4, 2011 through January 20, 2011

Jane Gennaro exhibit
Jane Gennaro: Feed the Models
November 21, 2011 through January 28, 2012