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Videos & Tutorials

As a part of the Love Your Library lecture series, PrintFX FabLab presented a student workshop for those interested in the digital fabrication services of FIT's Fablab. The presentation covered 3D printing capabilities of the FabLab, our procedures and workflows, and an overview of common problems and challenges that may occur when 3D printing for the first time. The goal was to communicate directly with students on how to properly submit a 3d printable file to the Fablab. Click here to download the workshop presentation slides.pdf

                                                                               Printfx Fablab 3d workshop poster

This short tutorial explains how to use Netfabb to clean and repair a model for 3D printing. This example briefly covers how to fix some common errors that may occur when preparing a file for 3D printing.

Please click here to download the free Netfabb software. 

This tutorial explains how to use Netfabb to measure and resize 3D models in preparation for 3D printing. Netfabb provides measuring and scaling tools to help plan around the build platform and minimum wall thickness limitations of specific 3D printers and materials.
Please click here to download the free Netfabb software.

Library Technology Resource Manager Jana Duda and Jasper Lin presented Fabricating Your Future, an overview of different fabricating technologies as it relates to FIT's curriculum.