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Library Statistics

The Library plays an important part in building FIT's reputation. Its unique collections and primary research materials attract scholars, journalists, manufacturers, retailers and designers from around the world. As a library specializing in fashion and its related industries, the FIT library is one of only a dozen comparable institutions in the world, and seeks many ways to sustain and enhance its role.

Our vision is to provide and continually evaluate innovative services and programs that measurably facilitate and enrich the learning experience, and support and advance our diverse community's learning, teaching and research efforts.

We achieve this by:
Teaching research and critical thinking skills that can be applied in study, learning, careers and everyday life. Building, organizing, preserving and providing access to materials that meet and anticipate general and specialized curricular needs, enhance unique collecting strengths, and document the Colleges history. Creating user-centered physical and virtual spaces.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                    Library Facts and Figures  
                                                                                  (Library Collections as of 2012 - 2013)

Books/Periodicals                                         195,351 Volumes 
Book Titles                                        117,418 
E-Books                                          3,856 
Active Print Journal Subscriptions                                                                                                               400+
Resource Databases                                         175
Microforms                                          1,039 
Audiovisual Materials                                         145,630 
FTE Library Faculty                                         13
Total Personnel                                         56
Hours Service per Week                                         90.5
Presentations to Groups                                         227
Library Services  
Circulation Transactions                                         50,921
Reserve Transaction                                         8,641
Interlibrary Loan Transactions
     Items loaned to other libraries                                         1,398
     Items borrowed from other libraries                                         1,221
Information Literacy presentations  
     Groups                                         204 (4,896 attendees)
     Consultations                                         202
     Total Attendance                                         4,896
Reference Desk Assistance (in person)                                         24,820
Reference Desk Assistance (virtual)                                         147
Circulation Desk Assistance                                         8,426
Visitor Sessions                                         156
Ask the Library (email)                                         673
Operating hours per Week                                         90
Typical Gate Count                                         5,695
Library Space (Public)  
Seats (individual pieces)                                          209
Study Carrels                                          77
Mac Work Stations                                          48
PC Work Stations                                          91
Style Cat Terminals                                           8
Scanners                                          9
Book Scanners                                          6
FIT-ABLE ADA Equipped Workstations                                          4
Linear Feet of Shelving                                          45,837
Library Instruction Classrooms                                          2
Group Study Rooms                                          1
Light Boxes                                          2
Opaque Tracing Equipment                                          1