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Library Blogs & Social Media

The FIT Library is social!   Read our blogs, visit, follow, like, and interact with us on our various social media sites.


Volumes & Issues is the blog of the FIT Library Periodicals Unit and covers news and ideas that relate to the periodicals collection.  Topics include fashion, costume and textile history, and textile arts.

The Look is written by Helen Lane, Emerging Technologies Librarian, and explores the connection between how information looks and how we look for information.  The scope covers everything from visual search to infographics, and highlights the FIT Library's services and collections.

Material Mode is the official blog of the FIT Library's department of Special Collections and College Archives.  Please visit us regularly to read our latest posts, which will highlight the many treasures we are proud to have as part of our collection. 

Social Media

The library as a whole and some individual units are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Flickr.

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