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Study/Work Spaces

Lounge/Room # Hours Soft Seats Hard Seats Tables Computers
Pomerantz 4th Floor Lounge (D405) 6am - 11pm 39 16 4 N/A
Dubinsky 5th Floor Lounge (A505) 6am - 11pm 3 41 16 N/A
Business & Liberal Arts 1st Floor Lobby Lounge (B103) 6am - 11pm 13 24 2 N/A
M-F 8am-2am Sa-Su: 8am-10:30pm

      77 Windows  & 44 Mac workstations, scanning  & printing stations
CC15A-3 & CC15A-4
Enterprise Computing Center
available when
no classes scheduled
      25 Macs & 25 PC's
Dubinsky Lobby 6am - 11pm        
Dubinsky 7th Floor Student Life areas 6am - 11pm        
Dining Hall 6am - 10pm        
Feldman Lobby Cafe M - Th
8:30am - 9pm
Friday 9am - 3pm; Weekends Closed

* Classrooms and studio spaces are available for student use until 2am, provided the rooms are available in the room request system and they must work in pairs.