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Updates and Service Alerts

Updated May 22, 2017



4th Floor computer lab and study space is CLOSED through August 18th. Click here for location of available computers.

May 21 - Aug 18

6th Floor Periodicals Unit will be CLOSED starting May 30 to August 20, 2017: ALL collections remain unavailable, including magazines, newspapers, forecasts, look books, microfilm, & store catalogs.

May 30 - Aug 20

ARL Room and equipment will be unavailable from May 29th - August 18th.

May 29 - Aug 18

Periodicals Department reduced hours. Please see Library Home page for hours.

Jan 30 - 

Special Collections & College Archives open.  Please see unit home page for hours and access requirements.

March 27

Special Collections & College Archives CLOSED March 6 - 24.  Resources will not be available during the process of moving into the renovated areas. Please watch for service updates and news regarding the reopening.

March 6 - 24

No elevator access to 4th & 6th floors in Goodman until further notice; please see library staff for information and access to resources and services.

1/25/2016 - project completion

Exterior wall work, 4th floor 10/27-11/20

Slab drilling on 6th & 5th floors, construction work in Library Lobby. FIT-Able workstations on 5th floor not available. 


Slab drilling on 6th floor. Significant noise on 5th and 6th floors.

6am-9:30am only

Floor grinding and sealing on the 4th floor. Please report dust and odors to Library personnel.


Core drilling on 5th floor, Main Stacks area. Some library resources will be available only through the service desks. Please inquire with Library Personnel if a book you need is located within the tented section.

Work done 9pm-7am

The IDRC is closed for drilling work. No ACCESS. This area is located in the southwest corner of the building. Noise may be significant in this vicinity on the 5th floor.

6/22-until further notice

Construction begins in Special Collections spaces

5/9-project completion

Construction activity 5th floor Reading Room. Books in the P-PQ are unavailable until Wednesday, 10/5. Ask Library Personnel for recommendations if you need a book from this area.


Construction activity 5th floor Reading Room. Books in the Q-Z areas are not available until Saturday, 10/1. Ask Library Personnel for recommendations if you need a book from this area.


DEMOLITION WORK ON 4TH FLOOR. Noise will be significant during Library Hours after midnight.
Work performed from 10pm-6am. 


 4th Floor Computer Lab CLOSED until noon


4th floor Computer labs closed 8am-noon in room E436


Asbestos abatement project on the 6th floor.  Please do not use the 6th floor classroom hallway.
If you have any questions regarding asbestos abatement please contact the Office Environmental Health and Safety Compliance 212 217.3750
Work performed from 10pm-8am
Asbestos abatement project on the 4th floor.  2/8 - 2/15 
Single elevator in Goodman during the hours of 9am-noon and 2-5pm weekdays 1/25 - 3/25