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Our Plan

2017 Projects


The FIT Library will relocate the Periodicals Resources and Service Desk to the 4th floor of the Library. The new location places this unit in closer proximity to Special Collections and College Archives, embracing the synergy between each unit's unique materials.
All periodical resources will be housed in one convenient location including magazines, newspapers, fashion and trend forecasting resources, look books, color specifiers and auction catalogs.
The current periodical display wall will be expanded to nearly double in size to better showcase our amazing resources and support inspired browsing.
The Library will also have a dedicated classroom for forecast instruction.


The 6th floor of the FIT Library will be updated to an open studio and lab space. The Art Resources Laboratory will have an new location on the 6th floor. We are expanding our self-service maker spaces by creating a dedicated workspace for events and workshops and use of Adafruit Flora microprocessors, Makey-Makey, Aurduino Uno boards, LittleBits and more.

The new space configurations allow for a group study space on the 6th floor and a quiet study area on the 5th floor. See Access Services for details on these spaces.

2016 Projects

The FIT Library will see two concurrent capital improvement projects. The first is renovating and expanding the FIT Library Special Collections and College Archive. The other, in conjunction with the School of Graduate Studies 6th floor renovation, is an updated Acquisitions and Metadata Services office space.

4th Floor Scope of Work

Beginning with a 2013 Samuel Anderson Architects design for an updated archival facility for our Special Collections and College Archives, the library has been focused on making this dream a reality. We can look forward to a state of the art archive facility to preserve the rare and unique primary resource collections for many generations to come. 

Highlights of the project include a custom HVAC system, installation of compact shelving to maximize storage potential, and a polished reading room designed to accommodate many types of researchers.

6th Floor Scope of Work

The Acquisitions and Metadata Services Unit of the FIT Library will be updated with a new office layout and ergonomic workstations. It is a much needed space transformation which supports the work activities of our employees.