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Library Exhibits & Displays

Exhibits and Displays at the Gladys Marcus Library showcase the library's visual, intellectual, and artistic resources for the benefit of the FIT community. We invite students, faculty, and staff to partner with us to create thoughtful, creative, and intellectually stimulating exhibitions consistent with the College's educational philosophy and ideals. Exhibits and displays are located on the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors of the Library.

2018-2019 Academic Year


King of Fashion: Paul Poiret: 

Curated by April Calahan

Photos of Paul Poiret display

FIT's Early Years Through Yearbooks:

Curated by James Ferguson         

Photos of FIT's Early Years display

 Karl Lagerfeld: 

Curated by Eileen Flannigan

Photos of Karl Lagerfeld display

Fashion Illustration: 

Curated by Anne Appert and Lori Taschler 

Photos of Fashion Illustration display


Curated by Lana Bittman, James Ferguson & Matthew Michaels

Photos of Sustainability display 


Curated by James Ferguson

Photos of Dandy display

 Welcome to the FIT Library:

Curated by Matthew Michaels

Photos of the Welcome to the FIT Library display

Urban Prairie:

Curated by Mary Direnzo

 Photos of the Urban Prairie display


Images of the Mind:

Curated by the Modern Languages Faculty

Photos of the Images of the Mind display

All Over the Map: Travel Illustration:

Curated by Matthew Michaels and Anne Appert

Photos of All over the map display



Honoring New York's Remarkable Women: Lucille Ball:

Curated by NJ Bradeen

 photo of lucille ball display case

Banned Books: 

Curated by James Ferguson

photo of banned books display case

The Art of Picture Books by FIT Illustrators:

Curated by Anne Appert & Eileen Flannigan

photos of of FIT Illustrators display case


Realia Collection in the College Archives:

Curated by James Ferguson

photos of of realia collection display case

Watch Your Manners! Clothing, Customs, Collegiality

Over the Centuries: Curated by Emily Arbuckle

photos of of Watch Your Manners display case



In the Eye of the Beholder:

Curated by Eileen Flannigan

photos of In the Eye of the Beholder display case 

Troubled Waters:

Curated by Matthew Michaels and Joan Benevisto

photos of Troubled Waters display case

Surf's up:

Curated by Eileen Flannigan and Mary Direnzo

photos of Surf's Up display case 

Check out images from this show and our previous exhibits and displays. 

Comments and questions regarding library exhibits and displays may be sent to [email protected]