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First and foremost our program requires that sponsor organizations provide FIT students with professional, educationally-valid experiences that honor the policies and procedures of FIT, SUNY, and the New York Department of Education.

In addition, prospective sponsor organizations are required to:

  • Identify executives in their organizations who are willing to provide interns with daily supervision
  • Assure that their supervisors have expertise in mentoring, teaching, guiding and nurturing their interns
  • Interview prospective interns introduced to them by the IC counselors and negotiate with and agree to provide interns with the kinds of learning experiences desired by the interns
  • Validate the interns' time sheets on a monthly basis
  • Meet at the work site with the student's Internship Center instructor for a mid-term evaluation of the intern's performance and progress
  • Complete an end-of-semester written (multiple choice) evaluation of the intern's work
  • Comply with FIT's commitment to producing an environment that is free from all forms of harassment