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Program Structure

The Internship Center runs a two-pronged academic program that comprises on-site professional/work experience supervised by an organization executive and classroom instruction. Considerable care is taken to ensure that every internship experience is aligned with the student's major area of study and his or her career interests, and that it meets the operational needs of the sponsor organization. Ours is a student preferenced program. Sponsors will not hear from a counselor until the counselor has an interested student, and that it is incumbent upon the sponsors to make their listings as attractive to students as possible.

  • Internships may be paid or unpaid. Please remember that paid internships are much more appealing to students and will frequently attract the most motivated individuals.
  • Because FIT's Internships are instructional in nature and relate to the student's academic major and/or career interest, interns DO NOT perform menial, repetitive tasks that are not compatible with instructional goals.
  • Interns are not intended to displace regular employees.
  • The Internship Center is a State University of New York program in full compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act. 

Become a sponsor organization! The first step is to register in our online database.