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Important Information Regarding the Experiential-Education Program Run by FIT's Career and Internship Center

FIT's Career and Internship Center (CIC) program, described broadly in the enclosed mission statement, is a cluster of for-college-credit experiential-education courses that take place in business/industry and classroom settings.

Specifically, the CIC's is a two-pronged academic program composed of (1) an on-site professional/work experience supervised by an organization executive and (2) a classroom experience. Considerable care is taken to assure that the internship experience is aligned with the student's major area of study and her/his career interests and with the operational needs of the sponsor company.

These experiential-education opportunities are managed by the College's Career and Internship Center, which is a State University of New York program in full compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Because FIT internships are instructional in nature—relating as they do to the student's academic major and/or career interest, interns do NOT carry out menial, repetitive tasks that are not compatible with instructional goals. Neither do the interns displace regular employees.

Benefits Accrue to All Parties Engaged in the Internship Experience

Sponsor organizations are the first to discover new talent, first to identify enthusiastic young thinkers offering fresh approaches, first to encourage talented young people to enter their industries.

Interns earn college credit while exploring career options in safe, productive internships. This valuable experience enables them to make better informed career decisions and to improve their marketability upon graduation.

All FIT students and faculty benefit from having interns bring back to the classroom stimulating, up-to-date information about professional practices, short- and long-term industry trends, etc.

Internship Program Calendar

FIT's Career and Internship Center works a semester in advance. This means that—  

  • Students are required to apply for their internships one semester in advance of the semester in which they want to intern.
  • The counseling, interviewing, and selection processes also take place a semester in advance of the actual Internship.


Fall semester interns begin their on-site work in late August, serve for at least 12 weeks and conclude their internships in December.


Spring semester interns begin their on-site work in late January, serve for at least 12 weeks and conclude their internships in May.


Summer semester interns begin their on-site work in late May, serve for at least 7 weeks and conclude their internships in mid-July.

Responsibilities of Sponsor Organizations

These include providing FIT students with professional, educationally-valid experiences that honor the policies and procedures of FIT, SUNY, and the New York State Department of Education.

In addition, prospective sponsor companies are required to—

  • complete online and return to the Career and Internship Center the form entitled "request for sponsor-organization status"
  • interview prospective interns introduced to them by Career and Internship Center counselors
  • negotiate with and agree to provide interns with the kinds of learning experiences desired by the interns
  • validate interns' time sheets periodically
  • meet at the work site with the Career and Internship Center instructor for a mid-term evaluation of the intern's progress
  • complete an end-of-semester written (multiple-choice) evaluation of the intern's work
  • comply with FIT's commitment to producing an environment that is free from all forms of harassment. For the purposes of the College's policy, the term "harassment" means any unwelcome and/or offensive action, remark, or behavior which interferes with a person's work or academic performance or creates an intimidating or hostile environment based on an individual's gender, race, ethnic background, religion, national origin or citizenship, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or other criterion specified by law.