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For Students Currently Enrolled in IC Courses

Welcome Students!

The entire FIT Internship Center team is here to support you!

You must partner with your IC instructor to keep your worksite on track and assure that you are being given opportunities to learn what has been agreed upon between you and your supervisor.

This includes notifying your instructor as soon as you notice that the plan outlined on your Learning Agreement may be going off track.

It is part of your instructors job to help you develop/hone your self-advocacy skills to help you identify the appropriate language to use in negotiating with your supervisor to get your Learning Agreement plan back on track.

If your supervisor fails to respond to your requests, your instructor will get more involved by speaking/meeting with your supervisor in an effort to eliminate the problem.

In the rare circumstances where neither you nor your instructor is successful at righting the situation/getting your Learning Agreement plan back on track, the IC may remove you from that worksite and place you in another for the balance of the semester.

Please remember that it is against college policy for you to remove yourself from your worksite without IC involvement and approval. The penalty for doing so is an F in the entire course.

Regarding the classroom component of their internships, students must:

  • Attend all classroom sessions.
  • For fall and spring internships, there are six classroom sessions of two hours each.
  • For summer internships, there are six classroom sessions of two hours each.
  • Honor all Internship Center policies regarding classroom attendance.
  • Failure to attend the first classroom session of the new semester carries a very severe penalty that could result in the loss of a letter grade.
  • Two three grade points (there are 10 grade points in each letter grade) will be deducted for each late arrival.
  • Three unexcused late arrivals equal one unexcused absence.
  • Interns will lose up to 10 grade points for an unexcused absence.
  • Students with three unexcused absences can expect to get a grade of D or lower for the course.
  • Fulfill all written and oral internship assignments.

Students may attend FIT after having earned credits at another college or university.  While FIT internships are highly prized by our FIT students and our connection to the fashion industry and New York is extensive, some students may wish to apply for the consideration of transfer credit for a college credit-bearing internship performed at another college.


Appropriateness of the previous credit-bearing class will be considered for its similarity (curriculum, content, and hours).  An industry standard of similarity will be used and the decision is solely that of FIT.


Please submit written requests with a copy of your previous academic record to the Director of the Career and Internship Center.