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Internships for FIT Students

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FIT internships are carefully assigned, structured, and monitored to provide the most appropriate and valuable experience for each student. In many majors, internships are an integral part of the student's course of study, and the academic credit earned is required for graduation. In other situations, students may take an internship on a supplemental-credit basis. 

The Career and Internship Center runs a two-pronged credit-bearing academic program that comprises on-site professional experience supervised by an organization executive and classroom instruction.

The program offers work experience that helps develop a student's competitive edge and networking skills. It encourages students to be introspective, observant, and analytical while applying classroom skills at the internship site.

The classroom-instruction portion of the course has two goals: to empower students to make their work site experiences as productive as possible and to teach them how to successfully market themselves throughout their careers.

Some fall, spring and summer semester courses grant 4 credits and require interns to contribute a minimum of 12 weeks(7 for summer) and 168 hours to their work sites while spending 12 hours in the classroom over 6 sessions. There are also 3 credit programs which require interns to contribute a minimum of 12 weeks(7 for summer) and 123 hours to the work site while spending 12 hours in the classroom over 6 sessions. The 2 credit internships require interns to contribute a minimum of 12 weeks(7 for summer) and 78 hours to the work site while spending 12 hours in the classroom over 6 sessions. 

International students should be aware that they cannot intern more than 20 hours a week (or 40 hours a week in the summer session).  For more information, students on an F-1 Visa should speak with an advisor in the office of International Student Services, room B103.


I understand that, consistent with SUNY policy, FIT will not inquire into criminal history in admissions applications and instead asks about criminal history only after acceptance in order to determine eligibility to participate in housing/residential life, study abroad, an internship, or certain clinical or field experiences (each a “covered activity”).  I certify that I have not been convicted of a felony or, if I have, that I have disclosed the conviction and undergone review by FIT’s standing committee on prior felony convictions and have been approved to participate in this specific covered activity.  I understand that if I have been convicted of a felony and have not received approval from the standing committee to participate in this specific covered activity, I am required to notify FIT so that the standing committee may review my conviction in accordance with the FIT policy on Admission of Persons with Prior Felony Convictions. 

For more information about becoming an intern, see How to Apply