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RESTART:   See FIT’s COVID-19-related plans and guidelines for fall and spring campus operations, teaching, and learning.

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COVID-19 and Credited Internships

Internships are a significant component of the FIT learning experience and all students are encouraged to participate in an academic-credit internship; however, in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, FIT’s highest priority is for everyone’s health and safety.


If you are pursuing an internship for academic credit, the following protocols during COVID-19 must be followed:

  • FIT strongly recommends that all students intern in remote/virtual internships.
  • Should you choose to participate in-person at an internship site, you must adhere to current state and local COVID-19 directives, plus CDC guidelines.
  • If completion of an academic-credit internship is required for your degree program, and going remote is not an option, we want to support you to seek alternate ways to complete the academic credit.

    Options include:
    • Consult Academic Advising to identify an alternate course to complete degree requirements.
    • Consult Academic Chair to identify an alternate course to complete degree requirements.
    • Convert an in-person internship to a remote one: If the internship host is able to assign remote projects, the internship may go on as planned. The student must consult their CIS Counselor to discuss how the internship can be arranged.

COVID-19 Internship Waiver

All students who’ve completed an Internship Application and are confirmed to register for a Internship Studies course, must sign a COVID-19 Internship Waiver for permission to participate in an internship to be granted.

The deadline to submit the waiver is BEFORE August 28, 2020.

Students will not be permitted to intern without the signed waiver.

Should a student intern before signing the waiver, the hours will not be counted towards the minimum required internship hours.

When you sign the COVID-19 Internship Waiver you are agreeing to the following.

As a SUNY FIT student planning to participate in a credit bearing internship:

  1. I understand that if I choose to fulfill my internship requirement through an in-person internship, I will accept the associated risk.
  2. If I choose to fulfill my internship requirement through a remote internship, I understand that should I choose to participate in any onsite activity for my internship, I will accept the associated risk. Onsite activity is not required for a remote internship.
  3. I agree to comply with all safety regulations at my internship site including guidance set forth by the department of health, which include wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE/masks) at the internship site.
  4. I understand that if I violate the safety policies at my internship site I may be dismissed from the site and/or my program and be subject to a conduct code violation.
  5. If, at any time, I do not feel comfortable with my in-person credit bearing internship, I will alert my internship course instructor immediately and seek guidance.
  6. I will submit the waiver before the first week of the semester.