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The SUNY Faculty Advisory Council on Teaching and Technology (FACT2) has evolved over more than two decades to become a well-established venue to foster collaboration and consensus within a highly diverse university community. FACT2 governance includes representatives from faculty, librarians, and IT across individual campuses from all Carnegie sectors.

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The Conference on Instruction and Technology was established in 1992 by the SUNY Faculty Advisory Council on Teaching & Technology (FACT2).
Every year SUNY faculty and instructional support professionals come together on a SUNY campus in an informal atmosphere of sharing and networking among colleagues.


SUNY OER Services provides mentoring, technical support, and access to a broad catalog of open textbooks to help incorporate OER into the classroom, lower the cost of higher education, and empower faculty.

  • We offer campuses user-friendly technology to adopt, adapt, and tailor existing OER for individual needs, as well as providing guidance for creating and distributing new materials.
  • We partner with local practitioners for workshops on incorporating OER in the classroom; using and remixing content; and understanding open licensing.
  • We help campuses work with stakeholders, such as student government organizations, to build sustainable practices around OER. We offer assessment practices to measure the change that OER brings.
  • We connect institutions with opportunities for recognition, research, and publication related to OER.


At SUNY, we are transforming the landscape of online learning. Drawing on our rich history of innovation, we’re placing the outstanding educational opportunities and talented faculty from our 64 campuses at your fingertips. Open SUNY is the latest step in our long-standing tradition of doing things bigger and better. No other institution has brought together an online learning environment to serve students at this scale and breadth. Once again, we are taking the lead.


In today’s global workplace, professionals communicate in virtual teams with others from diverse backgrounds, contexts, and cultures. Communication in such teams can be fun, BUT students need to develop an important set of competencies to be successful. The intercultural virtual team project for COM406 was designed to help students develop and refine those competencies while practicing and polishing the workplace genres involved in managing such a project. Specifically, the semester-long project was designed to help students analyze business communication practices at enterprises with operations in two global locations. In addition, the virtual team project helped students learn how organizations develop communication processes and practices that accommodate their audience and task, its location in a particular country and community, and its position in the online world.

Mission of Innovative Instruction Technology Grants

The Innovative Instruction Transformation Team, established as an outcome of the SUNY Strategic Plan, made recommendations to leverage the “Power of SUNY” for supporting academic excellence and student success. A vision for a “network of networks” emerged, including tools and practices that will collaboratively increase efficiency and capacity for SUNY-wide delivery of high quality instruction.

SUNY Center for Professional Development (CPD) is a collaborative central resource for the SUNY community providing access to high quality professional development opportunities focused on the latest trends and established best practices in higher education to enhance the capability of SUNY faculty and staff and increase SUNY's competitive advantage.