SUNY Grants

SUNY FACT² IITG grant, 2017-18
Bamboo Canvas: Instructional Innovation for a Globalized Classroom

Kyunghee Pyun and Elaine Maldonado

Conference on Instruction and Technology (CIT) May 23, 2018

Presentation Bamboo Canvas: Immersive Technology with Project-Based Learning

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Beyond the Bamboo Canvas: Innovative Instruction for a Globalized Classroom at Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC
November 2nd 2018 Visit the event site

Couture Korea at the Asian Art Museum

A CET event supported by a 2017-18 SUNY-IITG grant directed by Professors Kyunghee Pyun and Elaine Maldonado. Held synchronously with The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco and FIT on November 13, 2017. Watch the video

Couture Korea at the Asian Art Museum

2017-18 FACT² IITG grant builds on this 2016-17 project: Bamboo Canvas: Diverse Techniques
in Asian Arts & Crafts (Kyunghee Pyun)

Our mission is to present an interactive platform of video links, podcasts, online lectures, or database explaining art-making techniques of Asian art and design for educational institutions and global audiences and to highlight artistic contributions and intellectual achievements of Asian art and culture. Visit Bamboo Canvas 

FACT² grant 2012 Teaching and Learning in the Cloud
FIT Conference March 16 2012.

TLSC 2012

COCID conference grant 2008 Creative Catalyst FIT Conference

Creative Catalyst PC