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Federal Work Study


Federal Work Study (FWS) is awarded based upon financial need, timely FAFSA application, a request by the student on the FAFSA, and availability of FWS funds. Federal Work Study is not automatically renewed each year. Students will be paid twice a month for hours actually worked with the maximum being 10 hours per week. Part-time jobs are available on and off campus at approved agencies with rates ranging from $8.00 - $12.75 per hour. Work-Study funds may not be applied to tuition, dorm or school fee charges. 

If you are a student who has been awarded and accepted a Federal Work Study award, you will be given access to the electronic Work Study Web Service. There you will find the list of required training sessions. Students will be trained to submit their timesheets online. You also will be mailed a list of dates for these training sessions. If you have not received notification or do not have Login access, please contact the Federal Work Study Coordinator at the times below or call Financial Aid Services at  212 217.3560.

Work Study Coordinator Hours
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1- 2 pm (Common Hour)
Room A212-F