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NY State Grants FAQ

Eligibility for the Part-Time Student Program is based on New York State regulations.  A few commonly asked questions are:

What types of courses are considered ineligible for APTS?

You must be enrolled in 6 -11.5 course credits that are NOT:

  • bridge courses;
  • prerequisite courses for lower division;
  • admission-conditional courses for upper division; or
  • courses that ONLY fulfill a requirement for liberal arts minor

If a student's full-time credit load included non-required courses and their TAP was (or will be) decertified by the Registrar, should they apply for APTS?

No, New York State regulations do not permit these students to receive APTS.  If the student is enrolled in 12 credits, even if 6 - 11.5 are required, they will still not be eligible for APTS.

If a student becomes part-time after school starts by dropping courses, will they get APTS?

If a student drops below 12 credits before the fourth week of the semester, then they are usually considered part-time and eligible for consideration for the APTS grant.  If a student drops below the required 6 credits at any point before the grant disburses, they become ineligible to receive the grant.

For more detailed information regarding APTS regulations and eligibility, please visit the New York State Services Corporation (HESC) TAP webpage.