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UPDATED: New statement from President Joyce F. Brown regarding the February 7 Fashion Design MFA show.   Read the statement here

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External Scholarships

Scholarships are available from many sources. Your high school guidance counselor and the public library are excellent resources to obtain information.
Listed below are pages listing scholarships that have specific needs or qualifications:

The process of applying for some scholarships may involve applications that are not available online, may require essays, transcripts, and the expertise of someone that can help you with a great application. 

Please contact Financial Aid Services to speak with a counselor if you would like assistance with your application process.


Diversity Searches

The data accessible through these linked websites are for informational purposes only and are not represented to be error free. Any link to non-Fashion Institute of Technology information is provided as a courtesy and does not imply endorsement, investigation or verification by the College of the linked websites or information contained therein.

In your research for outside scholarships, you may also consider investigating various sources such as:

  • Foundations
  • Religious organizations
  • Community organizations
  • Civic groups
  • Organizations related to your field of interest
  • Your employer or your parents' employers
  • Your union or your parents' unions