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RESTART:   See FIT’s COVID-19-related plans and guidelines for fall and spring campus operations, teaching, and learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I reserve space? See Reservations.
  2. What spaces are available? See Event Spaces.
  3. Do I need to provide insurance? See Rules and Regulations.
  4. What services are offered by FIT to support my event? See Services.
  5. How much does an event cost? See Rates and Fees.
  6. What oversight does FIT provide on the day of the event? See Reservations.
  7. What oversight am I required to provide on the day of the event? See Reservations.
  8. How do get to FIT? See Directions to FIT.
  9. Is there parking available on the FIT campus? There is no parking on the FIT campus. However, there are parking garages in close proximity. See Parking Near FIT.
  10. What if I need to cancel my event? See Rules and Regulations.