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The FIT Brand

Credit: FITxPentagram Design Team: Melissa De Olivera,Yewon Shin, Loisse Ledres, Lawrence Staebler, Kelly Wang (all Advertising Design students); Desiree Mohammadi (Graphic Design student); C.J. Yeh and Christie Shin, faculty advisors.

FIT is a community of unconventional minds, a place where we educate students to be design thinkers and problem solvers.

There's a new creative economy, at the crossroads of design, business, culture, and technology.

To meet its challenges, FIT has laid to rest all tired assumptions, outdated practices, and conventional thinking.

We're moving forward with unshackled innovation—while unabashedly celebrating traditional skills. We're seeking unstoppable people, cultivating unrestrained ingenuity, and advancing unforgettable ideas.

That's why our students, faculty, curriculum, and industry partners are unlike all others. They're unpredictable, unbridled, unexpected—and in tune with the new, the next, the first, the best.

So it's unsurprising that creative industries seek out our grads to help their businesses stay undeniably relevant. Industry leaders of every stripe know the visionaries of tomorrow are at FIT today.

And stay tuned—more #FITunconventional is on its way!

Have questions about FIT's new brand? View the FAQs here.

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