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Publication Procedures

Once you have received approval and funding to proceed with your publication, the publications and advertising manager will help you plan and produce of college publications.

Producing a publication is a team effort and it is vital to include our department in the early stages of planning. It is a complex, multi-stage process and we can help you:

  • establish costs and timelines
  • write, edit, and revise your copy
  • find or generate appropriate images
  • select an appropriate designer
  • solicit print vendors
  • provide suggestions for distribution and mailing


The following are rough time estimates for the production of various types of publications. Please note that the following timelines are for production only, and do not include time for initial planning meetings, estimating, and budget approval.

  • Posters, invitations, postcards, and fliers: 3-4 weeks
  • 2-10 page brochures: 6-8 weeks
  • Brochures of more than 10 pages: 8-10 weeks
  • Projects containing multiple items: 6-8 weeks
  • Reprints of existing small items: 2-3 weeks

The Publications Process

In order to ensure that your publication is produced in a timely manner that meets your deadlines, it is important to be aware of the stages of production from concept to completion. The process usually consists of the following five stages:

1. Planning

The first step in initiating a publication is to contact Communications and External Relations. An initial planning meeting will be held to discuss your project and assess your needs. A contact report will be prepared following this meeting that outlines the next steps in the process and a timeline for achieving them.

2. Copy and Content

It is generally the responsibility of the department to write the initial copy. We will assist you in planning and outlining the content and will edit your copy for style and grammar once it is submitted. If your budget allows and the scope of the job is appropriate, a freelance writer can be hired to create the copy for your publication.

Copy must be reviewed by your supervisor and/or others in your department as needed. Once copy is sent to the designer, only minor copy changes can be accommodated. Extensive edits and rewrites will add time and costs to your project.

3. Design

Communications and External Relations maintains a contractual relationship with Pentagram, the design firm that developed FIT's graphic identity, and they create all major new publications. In addition, the office works with a number of freelance designers who are skilled at working within the existing visual identity program and who can provide an affordable solution for smaller-scale projects.

Publication design consists of four stages.

Design Development 
Reviewed by Communications and External Relations 
The publications manager meets with you to discuss what type of publication you need and help you determine the size, content, and graphic approach to be achieved. Approved copy is sent to the designer along with any artwork and graphics to create a rough design.

First proof 
Reviewed by Communications and External Relations and client 
The first proof is reviewed by Communications and External Relations and sent to you for review. During this stage, you will review layout and design, as well as read the entire publication, double-checking all copy. You should also route this proof through your department or division head for review and comment. Minor copy adjustments and design modifications must be made at this time and are routed back to the designer.

Second proof 
Reviewed by Communications and External Relations and client approval 
The second proof is reviewed by Communications and External Relations and sent to you for your final review and approval. During this review, check to ensure that all layout and copy revisions from the first proof were incorporated. This proof is then approved either as is or with final comments. This is your final chance to make any changes.

Final proof 
Approved by Communications and External Relations only 
The final proof is reviewed by Communications and External Relations to ensure that all comments have been incorporated and that the publication is ready to be printed.

Note: any last-minute changes made after the second proof will result in a delay in the schedule of your project and may incur additional charges.

4. Printing

FIT publications are printed either by the FIT Print Shop or by an external print vendor. When possible, projects are printed at FIT to utilize internal resources and reduce out-of-pocket expenses. The FIT Print Shop has two digital presses that can print small quantities of four-color jobs paper or card stock up to 11 x 17 inches in size.

The publications manager will help you determine quantities and how to best print your publication as well as coordinate all printing details for you.

5. Distribution

Once your publication is printed, it will be delivered to your office for you to distribute. If you are planning a mailing, be sure to contact the FIT Mail Operations in advance to discuss mailing lists, postage, and scheduling.