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National Council for Marketing and Publications (NCMPR)
2013 Gold Award for Magazines: (Hue)
2013 Silver Award for Wild Card (Building for FIT’s Future)
2012 Foundation Annual Report (FIT Emerging-2011 Annual Report)
2010 Gold Award for Magazines (Hue)
2009 Gold Award for Magazines (Hue)
2009 Medallion Award (District 1) (Hue)
2008 Gold Award for College Annual Report (Division B) (2007 annual report)
2005 Gold award for Academic Catalog (Undergraduate catalog 2005-2007)
2004 Silver award for Magazine (2003)
2003 Silver award for Annual Report (2002)
2003 Bronze Medallion of Merit for Catalog (2003-05)
2003 Silver Medallion for Class Schedules (2003)
2002 Gold Best Annual Report
2002 Gold for Best Viewbook
2002 Silver Award for Print Advertisement, Series

Admissions Marketing Report
2003 Gold Award for Class Schedules
2003 Gold Award for Annual Report
2002 Merit Award for Outdoor Transit/Billboard
2002 Silver Award for Magazine Advertising/Series
2000 Gold Winner for Total Public Relations Program
2000 Gold Winner for Imprinted Materials (FIT is Hot)

CASE National
2012 Silver Award in Recruitment Search Publictions, Misc Flyers, and Brochures (The FIT LIfe)
2010 Gold Award for Complete Institutional Web Sites
2009 Silver Award for General Interest Magazines (Hue)
2009 Silver Medal for Individual Student Recruitment Publications (LookBook)
2009 Grand Gold Medal for Magazine Publishing Improvement (Hue)
2008 Gold Medal for Individual Institutional Relations Publications
2006 Gold Medal for Visual Design in Print (Visual Art Management)
2005 Bronze Medal for Visual Design in Print for Art & Design book
2004 Bronze Medal for Visual Design in Print (Art & Design brochure)
2003 Silver Medal for Institutional Relations Publications (Annual Report)
2002 Bronze Medal for Publications Improvement
2002 Silver Medal in Web site
2002 Gold Medal for Video Recruitment Features
2001Silver Medal in Website category
1995 Bronze Medal for Advertising
1992 Judges Citation for Media/College Relations (Toy Design at FIT)
1992 Judges Citation for Publications Recruitment Package
1991 Gold Medal Award fro Tabloid Publishing Improvement (Network)
1991 Silver Medal Award for Multimedia Presentations
1987 Gold Medal Award for Recruitment Publications
1987 Silver Medal for Imagination in Programs
1987 Gold Medal Award for Visual Design in Print
1986 Bronze Medal for Campus Graphics USA

CASE District II
2014 Accolade Award (Bronze, Magazines: Four-Year Colleges and Universities, Four Color) Hue
2009 Accolade Award (Gold) fall continuing education advertising
2009 Accolade Award (Gold, Community Colleges category) Hue
2008 Gold for 7A, Individual Advertising
2003 Gold for 2003-05 Undergraduate catalogue
2002 Silver Award for viewbook

Creativity Magazine
1994 Certificate of Distinction for Logotype Design (50th Anniversary)
1992 Certificate of Distinction for House Organ Design (FIT Network)

Graphic Design: USA
1997 American Graphic Design Award for Excellence in Communication and Graphic Design (LookBook)

University and College Designers Association (UCDA)
2010 Award for Excellence for Magazine-Complete Unit (Hue)
2009 Award for Excellence for Recruitment/Viewbook (LookBook)
2009 Award of Excellence for Magazine-Complete Unit for Hue
2006 Award of Excellence for Annual Report-Challenging Perceptions
2005 Award of Excellence for Best use of color in a 2 color or less for BFA Show invite and folder
2005 Award of Excellence for Annual Report for Fast Forward/Rewind
2005 Award of Excellence for Posters for Where Creativity Gets Down to Business
2004 Award of Excellence for Annual report//Donor Report (2003 book)
2004 Award of Excellence for Recruitment/Art Schools for FIT is Art & Design
2004 Award of Excellence for Recruitment/Other for FIT is Art & Design
2003 Award of Excellence for Book-cover or Jacket Design (summer continuing education schedules)
2002 Gold Award or Electronic Media/Entire Website
2001 Gold Award or Electronic Media/Entire Website
2001 Award of Excellence for Annual Report/Donor Report

Print Magazine
1994 Certificate of Excellence for Logs for FIT 50th Anniversary

State University of New York Council for University Advancement (SUNYCUAD)
2015 Judges’ Citation Award for Excellence in Student Recruitment Publications: Individual (Graduate Viewbook)
2015 Best of Category Magazines (Hue)
2012 Best of Category for Student Recruitment: Individual (Campus Life)
2012 Judges’ Citation Award for Electronic Communications and Interactive Media: Subcategory C: Interactive Media (Meet FIT-video)
2010 Best of Category for President’s/Annual Reports FIT in the Details (2008-09)
2010 Best of Category Student Recruitment: Individual (Starting Here)
2010 Best of Category Magazines (Hue)
2009 Best of Category Magazines (Hue)
2009 Best of Category Four-Color Magazine (Hue)
2006 Best of Category Multipage Publications (Fashion and Textile History Gallery)
2006 Best of Category Events/Individual Category (Baker Day)
2006 Judges Citation Recruitment Publications/Individual (Online course poster FA05)
2006 Judges' Citation Award for Total Advertising Program ("Where Creativity Gets Down to Business"
2005 Judges Citation Award in Visual Design in Print (Glamour: Fashion, Film, Fantasy)
2005 Best of Category World Wide Web (
2005 Best of Category Recruitment Search Publications (FIT is Art & Design)
2004 Student Recruitment Publications: Individual category
2004 Best of Category-Course listings (spring 2004 Hot Topics)
2004 Judges Citation Award (Catalogues (Continuing and Professional Studies)
2004 Judges Citation- Catalogues (2003-2005 Undergraduate Catalogue)
2003 Judges Citation Award for Advertising-Outdoor Advertising
2002 Best of Category for Websites-URL Addresses
2001 Judges Citation for Video/CDs (FIT Is)
1999 Best of Category Alumni Magazines/Newsletters
1997 Best of Category Recruitment Materials
1996 Judges Citation Award for Recruitment Publications (The FIT Story)
1995 Best of Category for Media/Institutional Relations (F.I.T. at 50)
1995 Best of Category for Recruitment Publications (F.I.T. 50th Anniversary Edition of LookBook)
1994 Best of Category for Recruitment Publications (F.I.T. Story)

New York Society of Association Executives (NYSAE)
2006 First Place, Cyber Space Award (

American Association of Museums
2007 Award of Merit: Exhibition catalogues (Ralph Rucci: The Art of Weightlessness)